WrestleMania is the rock vs john cena rematch at WM 29 a good idea

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  1. so what do you think do you want more of cena and rock in the form of cena vs rock rematch at WM29??


    i think that such a historic match can only take place once in a lifetime
  2. It's better if they only wrestle once, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Cena get his win back. I think they will save Cena/Taker for WM30 (that whole 10 year anniversary thing) and I can't think of anyone else that Cena would fight other than Rock for WM29. (Maybe Austin?)
  3. No thank you.
  4. Surprisingly, yes.

    Use it for Cena's heel turn.
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  6. Then it's a giant fuck you to all the people who they billed their WM28 match to as 'Once in a Lifetime'.

    Terrible idea, I'll be pissed if this happens.
    Means no SCSA until WM30. :emoji_slight_frown:
  7. Good. More chance of a better feud with Punk.

    Who cares abouit once in a lifetime? WWE lie all the god damn time. Bigger picture, Anon GM...
  8. Oh, God no.
  9. Let's just call it like it was: the match fucking sucked. Nobody wants to see it again.
  10. Good point.:burns:
  11. I don't want to see it again.
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  12. WM 29 Rock vs SCSA 4, Lesnar vs Taker , Punk vs Jericho vs Bryan in triple threat. BOOK IT!
  13. Only if John wins
  14. No its not a good idea because it was heavily advertised as a once in a lifetime match.
  15. i am sorry but it is not a good idea.. the pervious match was historic alright, but it was boring!!!!! those two did not give us the best of them..

    thanks but no thanks,, i prefer watching Santino VS Santina
  16. Who cares? Honestly who cares? WWE say this shit all the time. I'd take "being lied to about once in a lifetime" if we get to see the infamous Cena heel turn.
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