Is The Shield's dominance leading to something bigger?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. They have gone over everyone in their path, which includes: Ryback, John Cena, Sheamus, Big Show, Orton, Jericho, Undertaker, and maybe more. Is the summer angle going to be based around them? If so, do you expect more members, and maybe a new leader?
  2. I could see the summer angle being the Shield's break up, why exactly they break up I'm not sure on but I could see it. As well as the aftermath of it. Let them go over say Triple H and the Outlaws sometime in the summer to truly solidify them. That way they have gone over Cena, Ryback, Orton, Sheamus, Big Show, Kane, Bryan, Undertaker, Triple H, Road Dogg and Gunn all in less than a full calender year. So say they go over HHH and friends at Money in the bank, then fall apart at Summerslam and have the big blow off to the angle at Survivor Series, the very event they debuted at.
  3. To be honest, I'd much rather see them at the top than just go over people in the same manner. Sure, go over those guys to get really over and become a real threat, and then have them dominate the world title picture. The show needs to be based on them for a while, like it was for Nexus, and then you can do the split. The mistake they made with Nexus was not giving them the title, and not giving them crucial wins over big talent.
  4. Without a doubt they need to be a key focus going forward into the summer, and with less part timers there should be room for it.

    Could the break up revolving around the title work? Like say everybody's ego getting too big and they just being unable to decide who will go for the belt, which results in further tension, someone turning face (Seth or Roman, maybe both) and then all hell breaks loose. I'm not to keen on giving either guy the WWE title in their first main roster year since history shows that it usually isn't good for the career of the star (Sheamus and Del Rio are prime examples who suffered set backs). And with Dolph holding the WHC I'm not sure I'd want to take it off him so soon just to put it in the Shield.

    I could see the feud that breaks up the shield revolve around them trying to get the belt, but I'm not 100% on giving it to them.
  5. Maybe the Summer angle would be their break up.
  6. A summer angle shouldn't be a break up. A summer angle should be dominance or something, and then you end that story by writing the break up.
  7. Tbf I doubt WWE knows the pay off to this angle. How should I know?

    Personally I'd break them up sooner rather than later. OK they are great 3 on 3? So what? Guess how many 3 man groups are running around WWE? Shield & 3MB, so congrats on reaching the top of that mountain. Have each guy start to have more personal aspirations as singles competitors and it leads to tension. One guy defects, the others become a tag team.

    If the 'big summer angle' is more of them defeating 3 random superstars then I'll be checking my giveafuck at the door.
  8. There doesn't need to be lots of 3 man teams. Nexus was a huge success, but I didn't see them fighting many 8 man teams.
  9. Nexus was a huge success? For a minute maybe. Until they jobbed in every match they had.

    I'm just saying WWE needs to freshen that shit up a helleva lot because as things stand the Shield is stale in my book. Attack random dude, random dude gets more random dudes and they job 3 on 3. Shield cuts promos about justice. The end.
  10. WWE? Looking forward to 2 months ahead?

    You crack me up Crayo
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  11. Nexus was a huge success for a month or so yeah. Their first two months or whatever it was were fantastic. It was when they first lost and when WWE refused to give the title to them that they declined.

    You're one of the only people who think Shield is stale, and let's face it, you think a lot of things are stale quickly. After one RAW you thought Fandangoing was stale. So I don't think they need to "freshen that shit up" as such, but I do think the summer angle should be different and more important. The show is slowly becoming all about The Shield, as they're involved in everything, so in the summer they should really have complete control. Maybe Heyman can join them and somehow give them backstage control as well as beating everybody up in site. Give them the title, and then you can perhaps elevate Ryback up as the anti-hero who fixes everything eventually. Very vague idea, but that sounds good to me.
  12. More Ryback vs Shield? Sounds worse than a slow death.
  13. Replace Ryback with another face. Since you're a huge Cena mark, maybe him.
  14. Oh hell yes. Cena to bury the shield 1 on 3 at Summerslam. I would revel in it.
  15. These guys have a VERY bright future in WWE, Taker is back on a UK tour for the first time in years and is putting them over, Thats a real Once In A Lifetime moment.
  16. I hope they do dominate this summer but at the same time WWE has to ensure they don't become stale. Interrupting a ME by ambushing the ring each week will start to be repetitive and dull, so the Shield need a strong storyline and proper feud, but not against 3 mid-carders thrown together.
  17. They will recruit 2 more members leading to them causing even more chaos. Then after a while Triple H will call them out, ending up in him getting a beating. Leading to Triple H reforming D-Generation X who destroy The Shield ending in them spliting.
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