Is the Undertaker even using the Deadman gimmick right now?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Mar 21, 2012.

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  1. I mean really, besides the entrance music and slow walk, what characteristics of the dead man gimmick has Taker been displaying? He hasn't rolled his eyes back, he hasn't said rest in peace, he hasn't used any supernatural powers, nothing. He isn't wearing his silly hat :taker:.

    I really get the feeling either Big Evil or ABA will be appearing at Mania
  2. I really hope ABA does appear for Wrestlemania. His attire also screams dead man gimmick still, but I do think he'll reveal his short hair at wrestlemania and become the ABA (or perhaps my hopes cloud my judgement).
  3. I see the ABA at WM and I'll mark so hard if it happens.
  4. Same. That way I'd also know for sure he's winning. Thinking that HHH could win makes me feel sick inside.
  5. Just seeing him as the ABA would up my interest in this match like 60 per cent.
  6. From what I can see he's becoming more human each year. He's probably moving away from The Undrertaker into being Mark Callaway for his retirement. He'll probably be similar but I doubt he'll be the same persona as the ABA.
  7. As mentioned, he's probably very close to retirement (this year could be his last match) and so he wants to play a more human character without completely leaving behind the Deadman gimmick technically, since it's a little late to revert back to an old gimmick completely at this point. But really, this is kinda the same way he was back in the late 90's before the whole Ministry gimmick began. When he was feuding with Kane, Shawn Michaels, Bret Hart, etc. in '97 and '98, he was the Deadman but he didn't do anything all that extraordinary, he just came out and gave promos (just like any other wrestler would) without hardly any supernatural mystique.
  8. Good point bout 97 98 it was really quite similar. Still see him retiring next year though 20-0 one more match I reckon.
  9. He isn't retiring this year. No way. It would be a stipulation or something, he isn't going to just win and leave, or lose and leave. He deserves and will get more than that.
  10. True.
  11. HE STILL THE DEADMAN! That is his gimmick! It just his hair is going to be short my GOD! Can we stop it with this!? I sick of people keep taling about if he not deadman anymore! HELL NO! He still the deadman and after WM28 he going 20-0 at WM and he going after the world title!
  12. -Not happening here either of you-
  13. UNDERTAKER IS WINNING AT WM28! And then going to go for the World Title afterward!
  14. Undertaker doesn't have enough gas in the tank to be a full time performer anymore
  15. What Dolph said.
  16. he come back that said a few week ago that he ready to come back and work more now b/c of the 1 year rest he can come back will he use spairly yes but he will be back to feud with someone after WM28! That is depend how good he come off his match at WM28 but if all go well he could be make 2 month later to start feud with someone!
  17. He won't, he's a once a year guy now. Trust me mate.
  18. No chance that Taker will be getting a feud after WM! As previous posters state he's not enuf gas in the tank to do anything more than sporadic appearances.

    Best kept the way it is too once a year for WM more mystique bout his WM appearance then.
  19. Sporadic, nice word :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:
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