Is the US title scene a good or bad place to start Ambrose?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Sep 2, 2012.

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  1. As most of you know I'm anxious as hell waiting for Ambrose's debut. I'm excited because he is one of the best talents WWE has and hasn't been ruined yet, though I'm slightly pessimistic because the character I want for Ambrose -- which I think is the right one -- is something I'm unsure WWE will pull the trigger on.

    To summarise, the character I want for Ambrose is that of a psychotic wrestler who has no problem going to any lengths to win, or taunt his opposition. For example, when in severe pain I'd like to see him laugh. I want him to avoid the typical coward-heel mould, I want him to be the psycho who will fight anyone at any time. Though he would need to do some ground breaking stuff to really get that character over, something I'm unsure WWE would allow a rookie to do.

    We've all been debating his place on the show for quite a long time now, and I'm still unsure what's best. If the midcard was a healthy place, then it's just common sense to start him there. But it's not, it's effectively dead at this point in time. They could either use Ambrose to revive it and have him as one of the focal points on RAW -- with the United States title -- or they could quite possibly ruin Ambrose putting him in such a poor division.

    So what's the best for Ambrose? What would YOU do if in charge of his debut?
  2. >Cesaro cuts a promo
    >Ambrose interrupts
    >Cesaro wrestles, Ambrose costs him the match
    >Ambrose continues to help him lose matches
    >Steals Aksana from him
    >Beats him in first match on WWE.
    >Eventually wins US title
  3. Wouldn't like this at all personally.
  5. Feud with The Miz. The Miz brags about how he is a great champion, and no one can beat him then Ambrose comes out. Ambrose beats up the Miz then takes the Intercontinental championship with him as he leaves. The Miz says that Ambrose is a nobody, and he can only steal championships and stuff like that. Then Ambrose comes out, and Miz trys to ambush him. Ambrose start fighting until security comes out and separates them. AJ comes out and says that next week Miz will fight Ambrose for the Intercontinental championship. The next week Miz wins though, and as he celebrates Ambrose beats him up after the match until he can't stand up. The week after that Ambrose cuts a promo on how saying he will destroy the Miz and take the championship away from him. The Miz comes out angrily with a lead pipe and ambushes Ambrose. He says he accepts Ambrose's challenge and at the next Pay-Per-View Ambrose fights The Miz, and wins. Then they continue the feud for about one or two more Pay-Per-Views I suppose, until The Miz gets out of the Intercontinental championship picture, and places someone else, maybe Zack Ryder or Alex Riley.
  6. I care about Crayo's opinion.
  7. So do I, was just upset he didn't like my idea. :sad:
  8. Face Ambrose can go away and bury himself alive. The guy will be one of the greatest heels in modern WWE, he can't feud with a heat magnet like Miz atm.
  9. Cesaro needs to either turn face (unlikely) or drop the title to a over face like Ryder or Riley, same can be said to Miz if we want to debut Ambrose feuding for one of those titles.
  10. :facepalm: I made Ambrose the heel of that feud.
  11. In this point of time, a random face turn for Miz just wouldn't work. It's fun to boo Miz, he's one of the biggest heat magnets, a random no name rookie won't help turn Miz face imo.
  12. He seems to be getting lots of cheers too, it would just make Miz look like the underdog since all of a sudden this psycho comes out of no where and beats the shit out of him and takes his championship.
  13. Exactly. Something needs to be established that helps Miz turns face down the road for that to work.
  14. How does a former WWE/US and current IC champion look like an underdog against a rookie no one knows? I don't personally think it will work. I think down the line when Miz has the slow-burn face turn that it will be perfect, but to debut against Miz is just risky.
  15. Because he'll be coming by and kicking his ass and Miz would have a hard time fighting back :finger: :okay:
  16. Never mind putting a useless belt on him. Just introduce him as a new wrestler and put him in a really important feud with someone. Is the Foley feud still on or what? That would be a good start. You can always put a belt on him later on after he's already somewhat established. Since there are rumors of him feuding with Foley and since he's supposedly doing a psychotic gimmick, I'm thinking of the way Foley debuted by attacking Undertaker early on and being the first guy (to my knowledge) to beat Taker cleanly. That got Mankind over in a hurry and you never needed to worry about putting a belt (even back when belts felt important) on him to do the job for you. Do a similar thing with Amborse.
  17. Foley feud was on, but it looks like it's abandoned now unfortunately.

    I wouldn't mind Ambrose v Regal becoming a RAW feud instead of FCW, their feud there was fucking amazing and can easily be replicated.
  18. Here is my quickly sketched up idea of how a Miz Ambrose feud could work. Maybe not the best one but bare with me.

    Miz and Rey continue their feud. During a title defense Ambrose jumps in from the crowd (announcers don't know who he is) attacks Rey and leaves through the crowd. Rey gets a rematch and again Ambrose intervenes. After a while Rey cuts a promo on the situation with the "rowdy fan". Ambrose again jumps the rail and grabs a mic, cuts a promo on Rey, about how he will destroy him, about how someone is paying him to the it and how he will enjoy causing Rey pain. Miz comes out and reveals himself as the one who paid Ambrose, the two beat down Rey.

    Rey and Ambrose fight for a week or two, then it all falls into tag teaming, Rey and another popular face (Ryder, Cara, Santino) vs Miz and Ambrose. Ambrose destroys Rey, sending him off with a injury. Miz starts feuding with other wrestlers and over time starts showcasing more face tendencies yet he keeps up some kind of contact or association with Ambrose who keeps beating guys in the mid card/lower card (not squashes, real competitive matches that can showcase him as a psycho). Ambrose also keeps intervening in the occasional Miz match.

    Eventually Miz is put into a title feud against someone he is a underdog against (insert Show or whatever heel big man). Miz beats him with the help of Ambrose in a no DQ match. RAW after the match Miz cuts a promo that showcases even more that he is leaning towards going good, he welcomes Ambrose out to thank him for saving him (have show or whoever maybe have been going to break Miz's leg when Ambrose comes out). Ambrose and Miz shakes hands and Ambrose lays Miz out. Savagely beating him and stealing the belt. Leaving Miz to be sent out on a stretcher as he walks of with the IC belt.

    It's not perfect and needs fine tuning but it includes why I think could be the basis for such a feud.
  19. I don't know a great deal about Ambrose, I've seen a couple of promo's. & The match on FCW vs Regal. Now if he's a physco could he return with the hardcore championship? Long shot but wondered what you thought?
  20. It'd work and be alright to see, but it takes spotlight off Ambrose. He seems like an extra in that feud, where as I'd prefer to see him as the center of attention.
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