Is the WWE hurting itself by limiting movesets?

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    Most of us know that the WWE are limiting the movesets of their wrestlers, removing moves that are more dangerous to perform than others. A prime example is the piledriver, currently the only guys allowed to do a piledriver is the Undertaker and Kane, because WWE knows that they can do it safely and the tombstone variant is a very safe version. But is limiting their wrestlers moves bad for the business?

    WWE is limiting the movesets so that they can prolong their wrestlers careers by making the risk of serious injuries smaller. Understandable from a business standpoint. But does it really hinder the ring work like some say? Are moves like the piledriver and other dangerous wrestling moves needed? We've seen multiple times how great matches can come out of the safe WWE style from guys like Bryan, Punk and Jericho, so are they really shooting themselves in the foot by limiting their wrestlers like some on the internet claim? Because shouldn't talented wrestlers be able to work just as well even with a more limited moveset?

    Is limiting wrestler's moves bad for business and why?

    Is there one banned move that you think doesn't need to be banned?
  2. Is limiting wrestler's moves bad for business? Sure it's bad for business, isn't so entertained if they limit wrestler's moves.

    Is there one banned move that you think doesn't need to be banned? Jackknife powerbombs (I don't really know if they're banned but I think they are)
  3. what? the low blow is not a wrestling manoeuvre. It is a story propelling tool.
  4. Well, I don't think cutting off dangerous moves only is the bad thing, but limiting most people to only using the same few moves gets quite boring. So no problem in banning a few moves overall as long as they don't cut people's movesets to five moves (wink wink).
  5. Piledrivers, I know they're dangerous but fucking hell if a guy feels he can hit one and the other guy feels he can take one what's the problem? Also they may not be banned but let Bryan throw some suplexs occasionally.
  6. What I meant, some moves aren't banned per say but they seem not to let the guys hit it specifically. It's annoying.
  7. Do they still do the German Suplex?
    Always loved those.

    Get more stars doing them.
  8. I think it has the ability to stifle creativity for the wrestlers. If the new move is more likely to create a massive injury than the WWE is less likely to allow them to do it. It's a smart move from a safety standpoint but the matches can appear more predictable if you know what move is going to be used when.
  9. While i do understand their position from a business standpoint i would love to see another punt kick from orton :yay:
  10. Well i can to a certain extent understand the piledriver thing but if a wrestler like punk can do it safely why have a go at him.

    It feels as if i see the same match for every superstar on the roster most of the time.its just punch,kick,rest hold, finisher. More variety =more possibility in seeing different matches.
  11. I believe looking at it in a business point of view. If wrestlers are not injured, they can appear more often, need less time off and it takes pressure off writers and creative having to come up with cover stories and hinder rivalries with a dummy thrown in last minute. This allows them to keep their guys in and rake in cash from people who want to see the stars each week and on tours etc. By "limiting" or basically removing risk is a very wise business move. WWE is based for Kids these days, this also reduces parental complaints about the content of the product.

    For an internet community, it is a bad decision, but WWE doesn't have us as it's target consumers, we are apart of what I like to call the Strung along 80's/90's fans, who watched it when it was targeted for an older audience and continue to watch in hope the product will get better. We can complain on here or other places, but the current consumers they target, no disrespect intended, do not come onto wrestling message boards to find out and talk wrestling.

    The Piledriver has caused many problems for WWE talent, notable Stone Cold Steve Austin, a huge star career cut short by that one botch, WWE could have earned so much more from Austin, now he is just a special referee/guest.

    Limiting is good for the business, because they can expand rosters with the revenue they create, which could eventually lead to having Smackdown & RAW as separate brands or better yet, create more shows for them to earn more money. WWE's programs today overuse stars, so safety means they can keep they can eventually create a bigger roster allowing airtime for new guys as well.

    Any Moves I don't believe should be banned, I think any danger to a superstar, no matter how trained they are using the move, should not be used. It is a human being's life at risk. How would you like if your brother or someone close to you suffered a broken neck and their career was cut short (their source of income, years of training now useless), I personally wish it on no one and believe WWE are doing the right thing considering their audience and business
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