Is the WWE locker room supporting Ryback during his mega-push? WWE star weighs in

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Jose Tortilla, Oct 22, 2012.

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  1. -PWTorch
  2. Jericho also said :

  3. Moved to RAW
  4. Thought they would be, I've heard reports before that he's a polite respectful character backstage.
  5. A big man with a nice soul. :smug:
  6. I can't tell if these superstars are being legitimate with their good wishes. Then again, I'm sure if there was actual heat Punk or Nash would have said something by now.
  7. i didnt realise how long hes been around for had a read on his wiki earlier
  8. Very nice to know he's doing well backstage as well, it's always nice when people are good people.
  9. How? Ryback is mostly a SD superstar but now on RAW, and Booker is the GM of SD, so it's general..
  10. It's generally a RAW storyline focusing on RAW's title despite the flimsy brand split. Also Ryback is listed as a RAW roster member on
  11. Ryback is a RAW main eventer at the moment. He doesn't appear on SmackDown now iirc.
  12. Ryback has been around for awhile. I think since tough enough. There's a video about Al Snow talking about him and his fatassery.

  13. Could watch this over and over..:laugh:
  14. Why'd you post a vid about :xanth:
  15. Ryan Reeves with his food is funny as hell.:laugh:
  16. You made me lol indirectly. One of the thumbs up comments was "he must shit a fist." struck me funny for some reason.
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