Is the WWE Network a good idea?

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Will You Buy the WWE Network?

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  1. Now in my opinion the WWE Network will drag WWE into the world of piracy, how? well TNA doesn't support PPVs in Britain but thousands of people watch a illegal stream on-line. WWE Network is expensive and people can watch the exact same things on You Tube, Daily motion,etc. So why won't WWE choose to put their channel up on Dish and Direct TV's most used packages? Fox Sports has the same things as ESPN and ESPN is free. WWE is putting alot on the line with not enough to put out. RAW, Smack down, Superstars, NXT and Main Event are likley candidates to be put on the Network but how good is that gonna be for WWE? Time will tell.
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  2. I don't think so. I won't be buying it but it's hard to really predict whether or not it will be a successful business decision.
  3. From the reports I read, you get the monthly PPV + all the regular shows + a vast library of classic WWE content for only $10 a month, available over the internet or any streaming device. That's absolutely a steal and sounds too good to be true.

    It's 2014. Bugging their cable provider to pay $60 for a pay-per-view in a bad economy when people know how to go find a free stream in 5 minutes (or know the show's on Youtube the next day) is just asking for too much from most people. And from their perspective, they're making more money if a million people sign up for this to watch Battleground than the 100,000 people that bought the show.

    Will it completely cut out streaming? No. Nothing will. But it's sure as hell a better option than the current PPV model.
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  4. drag it down into piracy? lol ask around during the RR PPV and see how many paid. has the AE and all the other awesome things i refuse to pay money for otherwise. WWE is making an insanely smart decision IMO, this will give the casual people a chance to watch their old favorite episodes and ppvs.

    Im not defending what most of us here to as right, but the WWE app on xbl is selling ppvs for nearly full price at any time. Why would i do that, when there are more realistic at-your-fingertips type of outlets available online? This way they get to sell a grip of advertising, products, and most likely promote certain new or different kinds of shows to bump the revenue up as high as possible...all for less than the price of a ppv for month, im sure will be the focal point.
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  5. Vince created fucking PPV, and now he'll kill PPV. He's Vince McMahon goddamnit.

  6. I am actually more likely to give WWE money if it is available in the UK, as it stands now i have to pay about £40 (maybe about $60) a month just to watch Raw (Shhhh, i don't), PPVs are an extra £15 (maybe about $20). I can't even if i wanted too get the tv package they are on in my house anyway, if the network is resonably priced i will chip in.

    TNA actually show their PPV's for free in the UK so i watch them, admittedly on a few days delay so i amy watch them online then watch them legit on tv days later.

    Yeah hope that made sense, if not... I have my own problems.
  7. This guy has started more moronic threads in one day than another notable and loveable dipshit around these parts does in a week.
  8. Nothing wrong with someone coming and making new threads and trying to boost activity on a forum.
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  9. True but idk why you said that in the one thread that actually was ok.

  10. Haha fair enough.
  11. First, this was true discussion that is debated every where, and 2nd all those Entrance things are purposely seemingly stupid. if my profile picture doesn't prove it i don't what will.
    From now on i will post only true discussions
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