Is the WWE trying to build The mid-card around The Miz?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by TheoneandonlyDC, Mar 24, 2013.

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  1. Lately it's seemed like The mid card has been centred around Miz. Antonio Cesaro wasn't really getting anywhere and then he feuded with Miz. Cesaro seemed to have gotten the better of Miz in that feud and now Wade Barrett was going no where until Miz started feuding with him.

    My question is, do you think WWE is gonna make Miz a top mid-carder and do you think people will like him more if he's in the mid-card?
  2. Antonio wasn't going anywhere before the Miz? I don't know what show you were watching but Antonio was going tons of places before feuding with the Miz.
  3. Cesaro isn't a great wrestler imo. He has his powerful moves but in the end it's like he kicks three times someone and you can see he's winning and after three moves he makes his finisher, I don't think that's been a good wrestler. Miz is in the mid-card now but he was in the top once, I think he'll be in the top again but WWE wants him to be again a mid-card champion before his come back to fight for the WWE or WOH championship imo
  4. What was he doing?
  5. Annihilating pretty much everyone put in front of him?
  6. He's one of the best workers they have man. He can wrestle circles around Miz.
  7. Hahahaha.
    Your opinion is wrong. :facepalm1:
  8. Maybe not... Your opinion is that he's a good wrestler, I accept it but look, his moves aren't really good they're powerful but anything else and in the end he wins with three moves so he isn't too great, I personally think Justin Gabriel is better than him...
  9. :Robbie: tell me you did not just say Gabriel is a better worker than Cesaro!
  10. Miz needs to be freshened up as a face already, it has potential but needs to be more natural. He's the kid who dreamed of making it and did, the majority of people watching wrestling have considered making it in to the E at some point so it's a mutual point for them to connect on. I'd rather it wasn't built around him as they have a lot more viable options such as Claudio but I'm not against it either.
  11. Why can't they build the midcard around Rhodes?
  12. I said it, Gabriel has more stuff than Cesaro but he's an acrobatic wrestler, he doesn't need a lot of strength to win and can win a man like Cesaro easily
  13. They've forgotten he exists sadly, he's just that guy who Sandow loves now.
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  14. Because Rhodes can be in the top of the company and he has proved that
  15. What mid card? Sorry but the WWE dont have one at the min it consists if guys who were pushed too soon and have dropped and guys they dont know how to push like Barrett.
  16. WWE should of never of taken the IC title off of Rhodes at last years mania. Really thought he should of broken Honky Tonks record. He was having a nice slow build until they fucked it up.

    Well he still has some way to go for me.
  17. For me too
  18. Cesaro is a big powerful bloke of a heel. He isn't supposed to dazzle fans with an interesting move set.. heels always have watered down moves bro.

    Cesaro is a great worker. Don't judge guys based on the limits WWE puts on them. We call that Cena syndrome
  19. Wtf are you doing on the forum so early. Cod in a couple hours? Ill be back around 12:30 your time.
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