Is the WWE Universe responsible for a new Intercontinental Champion?

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  1. Is the WWE Universe responsible for a new Intercontinental Champion?


    Television history was made when Raw celebrated its record-breaking 1,000th episode on July 23. On the same night, the WWE Universe made history of its own by voting for the Intercontinental Championship to be defended.

    The WWE Universe was first put in the driver’s seat as part of RawActive on July 16, when fans voted which championship should be defended on Raw 1,000. In a tight race, the WWE Universe determined Intercontinental Champion Christian would defend his title.

    Going into Raw 1,000, Christian vowed to walk out with his title intact, even though he did not know who his opponent would be. (WATCH)

    With Bret "Hit Man" Hart serving as the guest ring announcer for the matchup, Hart revealed The Miz would be Christian’s mystery opponent. Although Captain Charisma fought valiantly to preserve his title, The Awesome Once struck with a Skull-Crushing Finale to capture his first Intercontinental Championship. (WATCH | PHOTOS)

    By determining the fate of the Intercontinental Championship on Raw 1,000, the WWE Universe has only begun to make its voice heard. As Raw enters a new era, with three-hour shows starting at 8/7 CT, there are now opportunities for you to influence the action – whether you’re watching at home or from inside the arena. What will you decide next?

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