Is there a better Jr Heavyweight than Devitt currently?

Discussion in 'International Wrestling' started by seabs, Mar 26, 2013.

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    Questions basically up there, he's had a good match with Tanahashi which made him look like a bloody star, the great 3 way with Ibushi and Low KI (Hitman suits ftw) and now he'll steal the show with Shelley in a month aswell. So yeah is there any better Jr Heavy currently?
  2. Not on the independents right now. PAC was arguably up there with Devitt when he was still in Japan. I remember that their match from Best of the Super Juniors was excellent.

    Ricochet and Rich Swann are on their way up the rankings though slowly but steadily. Swann will be the better flyer of the two but Ricochet the more compelte performer since he has been adding striking and submission to his game lately. But Devitt will sit steady on the throne for a while beating of Low Ki with a stick.
  3. :no:

    His match vs. Tanashi proved it IMO.
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