Is there a danger of Swagger/Zeb getting cheered?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Feb 25, 2013.

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  1. They are portraying their patriot gimmicks really well at the moment. So well that mainstream attention has been succeeded, but is that a good thing? Their gimmick is based on basically bashing illegal immigrants, but isn't it popular to be against immigrants stealing your jobs in America?

    So are they in danger of American's actually agreeing with them and cheering them? If not, are they in danger of the fans simply not caring? I doubt there's many real pro-immigrants in WWE crowds, so why would Zeb and Jack bashing them garner any heat? They rely on cheap heat by bashing the city they're in, but that ain't really the way forward for heels.

    What do you think?
  2. There are definitely Americans who are against immigration and think that immigrants are stealing American jobs. I could see people cheering them on during this gimmick and it might be logical to some of the fans in the audience. It might be in line with their beliefs so I could definitely see Swagger and Coulter getting cheered for based on this gimmick.
  3. At least I won't accept that, I won't cheer a person who says we aren't real American people. I don't know if the rest will agree with me, but I'm American and I won't let anyone tell me what to do to be a real American, every single person who was born in the USA is a real American, no matter their skin color or anything, that's what I believe and what I do defend.
  4. Well..I cheer them lol, I usually cheer heels and boo faces.
  5. [​IMG]

    I'll be cheering :otunga:
  6. I don't really think so, they come across more as "dumb rednecks" than anything else, they play their role so perfectly. It depends on who you ask and where the crowd is. Here in Tennessee they'll get a mixed reaction (after all we are dumb rednecks), but people in Arizona or California will boo them incessantly.

    I'm more worried about them getting cheered because they completely pwned Glenn Beck.
  7. Yeah, there are things they're right, but there are some others that the thing you think about is "damn, shut the hell up and fight, don't tell me how to be American"
  8. It's a good point that you bring up. I think they'll find a way around that though by bashing the city they're in like you've said or doing something else.
  9. Yeah, you're right too, it depends on the zone they are, but also the people. I personally think they can't say how to live, who should we have to vote or things like that, I think that some things they say are the truth like things about illegal immigrants taking our jobs as Crayo wrote, but other that I'd simply like to kill them, but is I do like Swagger is not because of what he says, it's because of the way he has to fight in the ring
  10. I think there will be people that cheer them, however with the angle they're working most of them will probably just boo for not calling them real Americans.
  11. Lol, most of the audience probably has bloodline to other cultures. I doubt they would get cheered because people agreed with them. It's not only Mexicans that Zeb has a problem with, last Smackdown he told Barret to go back to England for stealing an American job. Pretty much everyone in America either has blood from other cultures or know of someone who is.
  12. Yes, they'll get cheered. I'd cheer them. They're heels doing awesome work, that's enough for most smarks, and there are people who agree with them, I'm sure.
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