Is there a job that is worth it?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Solid Snake, Jul 5, 2014.

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  1. If you were given the opportunity to work any job in the world (and have the knowledge to do so) but had to give up everything about your life now (where you live, friends, family, ect - no one that knows you now, would know you) would you take the job?

    If yes, what job would be worth giving up everyone in your current life?
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  2. Giving women AIDS (And the not forum member)
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  3. Sure, any job that'd make me rich.
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  4. Football aka soccer or professional wrestling. Does this count? These are one of the few things that I really love.

    I'm great at football, I could play on every position... I just never really had the chance to go pro in this shitty country of mine. Same thing could be said about pro wrestling here.

    Besides that, yeah... What Shadow said, 'any job that would make me rich' besides drug dealing and shit like that, lol
  5. Owning a strip club for obvious reasons.
  6. So for money and hookers, you guys would just say f it and be without all the people you know right now?
  7. not for me

    i will work when i want to work lads
  8. How's the JSA?
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  9. not been on it for years lad

    saved up enough, i only need money for the booze and the vhs
  10. you got an older sister?

    A job to give up everything for? Baseball? Bartending is fun as hell. Honestly i'd rather have a shitty job than not work at all, it's all about finding a job where you can feel you accomplished something daily. @CrayJ Lee has a job I could never do but she does some real life good in the world, that would be the kind of thing I would want to do.
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  11. Honestly, I love the job I have now. Thankfully I didn't have to give up my family and my friends for it (in fact it brought me closer to those I love and care about), but I'm lucky to have the opportunity now where I'm doing something I love. But, if I had an opportunity with this same position across the country before I got the one I have now, I would not have hesitated to move across the country for it.
  13. Lighthouse keeper.
  14. The guy who gets head from the first time porn actresses to make sure they are ready for the big screen.
  15. If I had to give up everyone in my life for a job, I'd make new friends at my new job.
    There are 7 billion people here, we shouldn't limit ourselves to the small circle we have today
    No matter where you walk or live somebody will take an interest in you whether you like them back or not.
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  17. Being a correctional officer
    You can legally kick people's a**es all day.
    What could be better than doing battery on a convicted rapist?
    What's more satisfying than assaulting a condemned murderer?
    What brings more joy crushing a fool who beat his old lady?
    They may be human, but so were the people they screwed over to get in the box

    If unprovoked leave them be, but if they test you (and they will) its fair game
  18. There is no job in the world someone could offer me to give up everyone in my life. Love my fam too much, ya dig?
  19. Guy who gets to try out virgins for porn.
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