Is there a potential new top babyface on the current roster?

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  1. Lets face it: Cena's not getting any younger, and working every night isn't helping. Sheamus and Orton aren't top draws, Ryback's hardly the next Cena...

    Do you see anybody on the current roster (or in NXT) that can replace Cena as WWE's top face?
  2. In reality, I don't think many stars can exceed his level of popularity.

    You could say Ambrose, Bryan, ect.
    But in reality, I don't think so.
  3. If DB was bigger he would definitely be over enough to be the number one face. I just don't see Vince giving him that spot because of his size. Right now I'd say he's more over than Cena judging by crowd reaction alone. However, we all know Vince is in love with huge guys. Expect Ryback or Reigns to probably have that spot in 5 years or so, barring injuries.
  4. Daniel Bryan or Maybe Ziggler, but as other posters have stated Vince loves big guys and I don't think they have anyone yet who is good on the mic and looks like a wall.
  5. Nobody would have ever looked at The Ringmaster or Rocky Maivia and thought that they would both end up becoming the mega stars that they did. And I know Austin in ECW was sort of playing the Stone Cold in it's earliest form, but doubtful that any saw what would become one of the biggest draws of all time. Even less so when you looked at his work (which was good) as one half of The Hollywood Blondes or his work as The Ringmaster. No one ever saw Rocky Maivia (the worst kind of smiling dick baby face) as someone who would transcend into a successful movie star as well.

    My point is, it's sometimes impossible to tell who really will catch fire with just the right push or gimmick or angle or whatever. So I usually have no real strong opinions on who will be the next top face. That said, I don't see Ziggler or Bryan in that role at all. Both are workhorses you can rely onbut I don't see them going past WHC gold. To be the face of the company like the holy trinity (Hogan, Austin, Rock) or like Cena and Batista, you need a larger than life character or prescence and they don't strike me as having that.

    I would say Ambrose but I see him as more of a natural heel than baby face.
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  6. Dolph Ziggler and Roman Reigns.
  7. Reigns looks like someone they would push into that spot, yes.
  8. This.

    If they turn him face in like 3-5 years it's the deal they did with Michaels.

    Great pick.
  9. Ziggler. Even when he is heel, he gets a lot of pop from the WWE Universe.
  10. I don't think Ziggler will at all to be honest.

    Ryback has potential to if booked properly. Funnily enough I think the same of Alex Riley as well.
  11. Riley is a nice shout. I think we all can agree that he's criminally underused at this point.
  12. Its hard for nee to see Ziggler as anything other than a heel. He plays that role well, but i see the talent he has, so he could possibly be that guy.

    Personally, i wanted that guy to be Cody Rhodes, but that's just my wet dream (minus the mustache).

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  13. Another thread stolen by KLockard23. Such an incredible poster.

    Riley's the first guy that comes to mind, he just has that obvious star power that everyone seems to see except WWE. Seriously believe Cena was worried that he'd take his spot. Ryback seems like a good World Heavyweight Champion, but top-top guy?

    Ziggler I just see as "too awesome to boo but if he turns face Creative would fuck him up beyond repair". And for some reason Titus O'Neil comes to mind... no idea why
  14. Roman Reigns is the next Batista.
  15. Yeah I'm not sure why I have faith in Ryback, but I can see it. Why? If he's booked like the outlaw badass (similar to Austin) he could be huge. He doesn't even need to speak often. I don't think he'd carry them as much as Cena can because there is so much that Cena does that Ryback couldn't do on the same level (promos, media etc), but he could be a huge draw imo.
  16. I know for a fact he won't be it, just saying he could easily be the potential new top babyface, which is what the topic asked. He has everything you need in reality to do it, but just not the size that Vince would want.
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  17. Even if he had WWE's backing, I just don't see him ever reaching the super over babyface stage. I'm not sure why, I just don't think he has it in him.
  18. Can't argue with that reasoning :pity2:
  19. I don't think his size is much of a problem. It's not like he's short and the size of a cruiserweight or something. Austin himself wasn't the biggest guy that was ever on the roster. He was barely six feet, and if he were standing ten feet away from you, he would look like a mostly average sized guy. He actually had more muscle after coming back in 2003 and after retiring (look at him at WM20) than he had during his entire run at the top of the WWF, and yet he was the savior of the company in the late 90's.

    WWE's problems with Ziggler (if they have such a problem) probably have to do with my own. I see him as a baby face on the level of someone like Shawn Michaels more so than the top draws who end up carrying the company on their backs for 5-10 years.
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