Is there a Section for Fanfiction?

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  1. Maybe I just haven't looked around enough, but is there a Fanfiction section? If there already is one just delete this. So who here writes Fanfiction? On my account my username is also WWESpongefan. Most of the stories I have written have been about Spongebob. I do have one completed WWE story and one that I am currently working on. The cool thing is that my first WWE story involved Bray Wyatt and Dean Ambrose before their feud even started. The current story that I'm working on involves Seth Rollins.
  2. I guess just post it in the locker room?
  3. or Be the Booker actually if it involves matches, not Bray and Dean having sex or something.
  4. I think basically all I wanted to do was let people know I write Fanfiction and to check out my stories. I did say most of them were Spongebob but there is one WWE story I've finished and one that I'm currently working on.

    Check it out. :emoji_slight_smile: once you get the link to this story you can click on my username and check out more if you like. I'm going to assume that people here will only be interested in the WWE stories, unless there are some Spongebob fans out there. You can read whatever you want.
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  5. I'd say your best bet would be the Be the Booker section which is good since it could use a boost in activity.
  6. I can post stuff like this in the locker room?!
  7. Yeah, if it's only just writing and no visuals I'm pretty sure?
  8. My activity is about to be revived! :yes:
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  9. Expecting it be a story about how FTJ meets Dat Kid.
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  10. It was going to involve CM Punk and FTJ, but I'm afraid if I do it he may not speak to me again :sad:
  11. Gohan's stunt double will talk to you.
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  12. If I do one about Dat Kid and me, do I tag it as selfcest?
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  13. :hmm:
    I'm not sure. I'll tag Jabri and check.
    @Farooq the Big Boss
  14. Yea dat faggot
  15. I started a topic in the Be The Booker section. I really like to write and I think my stories will get more attention here than on There are other people there posting all of their stories and my story will be moved to a new page in a few hours. I hope everyone likes my story. The one I'm currently posting in the Be The Booker section is the first WWE story I did. I'm just going to copy and paste my work so people won't have to go to to read. Also I like to read other people's stories.
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