Is There A Worse Way To Die?

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  1. I mean, I guess there are, but this surely ranks up there as one of the worst:

    Impaling someone is one thing, but trying to keep them alive on the stake for nearly two days is just unimaginably brutal. And that's not all he did either. He also burned, boiled, scalped, disemboweled, skinned, blinded, strangled, buried alive, etc. a large population of people (he's estimated to have killed close to 100,000 people during his entire reign.) Vlad The Impaler makes Genghis Khan look like a saint lol.
  2. Pretty sure I can come up with new torture ways if I studied the human body more. Sometimes I think of ways of tortures when awake at night, wondering how to keep a person alive with pain, but not to much to kill them, just slow and painful ways, mentally and physically... I think I'm going to stop.
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  3. Drilling people in the head, mustard gassing, uranium bombing, drowning, drone striking, enemy endorsing, nail ripping, hammer to the nose, water boarding and torture seems a little more intense, IMO.
  4. I think being slowly disemboweled would be one of the worst ways to die.
  5. Vlad and Elizabeth Bathory are GOAT
  6. Tickling is torture to me. Specially on my feet.
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  7. :ksi:
  8. @IT Factor
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  9. Tickling my feet feels like someone is scratching it instead. such a painful thing
  10. I have a callous center foot, it has a satisfying pain, but only if it's stabbed with something sharp, lol.
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  11. Don't think there is a worse way to die, considering anything more painful would probably of killed him. They abused him just enough to keep him alive to suffer more.
  12. Long term torture sucks no matter what it is.
  13. Agreed. Lockards posts come to mind as some of the less humane forms of long term torture
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  14. My sentiments exactly during a King Lawler segment.
  15. I can only imagine how torturous it must be for you to read my brilliantly articulated posts and realize you can't possibly argue with them. :joeyryan:
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  16. Getting the clap is probably up there too.
  17. Huh! This sounds like an episode of "1,ooo ways to die" Show
  18. How bout spending an hr in a room where some ones nails are constantly being scratched across a chalk board?
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