Is there any better example?

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  1. Than how important gimmicks are when you look at Husky Harris aka Bray Wyatt? The transformation between Husky Harris and Bray Wyatt is huge. One was a accident comedy character in a heel stable with the worst name ever and was known for being overweight, and the other is arguably one of the best prospects around WWE.
  2. Wasn't Husky also hailed as a bit of a top prospect even as Husky. From what I remember people greatly enjoyed his ring work and found him entertaining even back then.

    But yeah, the transformation is staggering. Bray is like a completely different animal.
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  3. Hardcore holly

    Thurmond Plugg...
    His friends call him sparky!

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    Just sayin!
  4. Yeah, a gimmick can make the worker for sure.
  5. Kane might be a better example. I highly doubt Glen Jacobs would've reached the amount of success he's had now if he had stayed as a dentist or even worse Diesel. But Harris is definitely up there on a personal level for me. I thought he was terrible back in NXT and had zero interest in the guy until he became Wyatt. While I'm not as enthralled with his characters as others, I'm definitely at least interest in his character now and have enjoyed the everything I've seen of him since the transformation.
  6. Bray and Husky even LOOK like two different people.
  7. Dunno where you saw people praising him, but at the time, he was more or less the laughing stock of the IWC. He certainly wasn't seen as a future main eventer that's for sure, and that's how he is seen now as Bray Wyatt.
  8. Maybe he was talking about internally? I recall reading quite a few reports during his time in NXT about how WWE was really impressed with him and thought highly of him. How far he got into NXT season two and being placed on the Nexus seems to support this. As for the IWC, one of the forums I was on (deleted my account earlier today as a matter of fact) were pretty high on him during his stint in NXT (me being one of the few exceptions). I don't think anyone rated him above Riley or Kaval, but he had his supporters. Not sure if they died out during his run in Nexus though, stopped paying attention.
  9. 99% of the guys who 'made it' started with a shit gimmick at some point beforehand. It's sort of the way it works
  10. Gimmick is all in pro wrestling imo.