Is there any wrestler you wish was more selfish?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by seabs, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. Some guys are really respected for turning down title reigns and putting over young talent but do you wish someone demanded more then they got?

    From his current career I'd say Christian has to be up there, especially with how his title reigns have been handled.
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  2. Isn't this what Big Show is known for? Despite his current squash-a-ton he has been known over the years to deny title reigns to instead put over young talent.
  3. He sure put over the young talent Cody Rhodes.
  4. Crayo may ban you for trying to shed some positive light on Big Show :bury:


    Rhodes made an ass of the Big Show for weeks and weeks, and we all knew he was going to drop the IC title. It's something that had to be done before he could move on to bigger and better things
  5. Did you ignore the middle part of my post? I said despite how he has been booked recently. In the beginning of the 00's and middle 00's he was said to often deny himself title shots and instead push for younger talent to be given the straps.

    In reply to Dolph: Even dung heaps get light cast on them sometimes.
  6. lol'd @ dung heaps

    on topic: I'll go with Jericho for sure.
  7. Not even going to talk about Big Show, unless his recent run counts for the last 5 years or so...

    Jericho, plain and simple.
  8. Kane over the years put over younger talent but really he should of had the spotlight he is an amazing big man who can do high spots in the ring that you wouldnt expect. I think him winning that title for 1 day was a piss take then he didnt get another title reign til late 2000. I think that a joke considering how hard he worked and all he did for WWE
  9. Jericho in WWE.
    When outside WWE, I'd say Hardy or RVD.
  10. Soon as I seen this thread I immediately thought of Jericho and Kane.

    Jericho could have been huge had he not put over people like Heath Slater, he has it all.
  11. I wish Big Show was less selfish, does that count?
  12. Yes I think it does..
  13. No 1 should say brock he's as selfish as u get I say cena
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