Is There Anyone Worse Than Chavo Out There?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Bort, Jan 19, 2013.

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  1. The same thread I opened elsewhere:

    Fucking Chavo Guerrero Jr... Quite possible the most boring and useless sack of shit in TNA since the Nasty Boyz. Maybe even worse. Hmmm, let's evaluate him:

    - can't cut promos
    - boring, bland and dull, and whatever
    - brings nothing to the table
    - PAINFULLY mediocre wrestler, at best
    - exploits his late brother to get some cheap pops... ALL THE TIME [​IMG]

    Seriously, it baffles me there's someone in TNA management who thinks fucking CHAVO could be useful. "Hm, let's pander to the Latino audience... Send for CHAVO!" [​IMG][​IMG]

    Not to mention the fact that fucking Chavo and his almost equally useless pile of shit of a partner Shawn are the tag team champions since BFG. Chavo's (and tag division's) greatest moment in TNA has been that angry window face when Morgan and Ryan were cutting their promo. That speaks volumes.

    Anyway, Roode and Aries need to dethrone those malignant tumors ASAP.

    Oh, and DAT LOCKDOWN AD: "TNA Lockdown, San Antonio, blah-blah... Come to see the superstars Hulk Hogan, Jeff Hardy, AJ Styles... and CHAVO GUERRERO! :cornette: :vince: :dawg: [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  2. Chavo's career peak was as the Swagger soaring eagle. That is all.
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  3. Re: RE: Is There Anyone Worse Than Chavo Out There?

    They should bring that to TNA
  4. Roode and Aries as tag champs would be the best thing to happen to tag team wrestling ever! :yay:
  5. There is much worse in tna
  6. He did it for Eddie, how can you hate that? :pity1:
  7. I'm seriously gonna mark so hard if/when Aroode become champs.
  8. Holy shit those smilies

    Anyway, no. Chavo sucks.
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  9. No one really comes to mind. Hate to see him going over people.
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  10. Respect la razaaa respect the ouuuuu chavoooooo! #respect madafackas (mexican way to write motherfuckers )
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  11. No. That's a silly way to spell motherfuckers.
  12. [​IMG]
    Seem to disagree. Would work if you planned on a quick 2 month face change, but that wont happen with Hardy/Storm in the picture.
  13. Does :hogan: count? And holy shit, those smileys!

    The most embarassing moment in TNA in 2012 was these assclowns treating Chavo like a "huge deal". This is the same dude who lost to Santino, Yoshi Tatsu, Hornswoggle, Bob Barker... And they treated this jobber like he was a big deal because of his name and him being with WWE. Well there's a reason he was never used and it's BECAUSE HE SUCKS! Rob Terry has more charisma than this clown!
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  14. Anything worse than chavo?


    Khali vs tensai.... #reasonstowatchsmackdown!
  15. You nicking your material from WWEcreativeish now?
  16. Chavo is a true Mexican wrestler. You're just jealous, he's from a legendary family, remember Eddie is dead, it's up to Chavo to carry on the legacy of their family. Chavo is strong, he has a sexy beard, and his wrestling skills match his promo skills, he is also a former WWE wrestler, he knows what he's doing.
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    Fucking up the tag team division that is :dawg:
  17. Chavo > Khali
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