Is there anyone you'd consider yourself a fanboy/girl of?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Punk_Axel_Ziggler_Fan, Aug 9, 2013.

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  1. Of course there's the obvious ones like Daniel Bryan, CM Punk etc. but I was thinking maybe someone less popular.

    I would definately consider myself a huge fanboy of Curtis Axel. I was a fan of his back when he was Michael McGillicutty. I think he has the look, I really enjoy his in-ring work and yeah, he's not that great on the mic (which is why he has Paul Heyman) but he is improving, and he actually cut some great promos in his feud with Tyson Kidd on NXT. I didn't like the direction his career was going in 2010-2011. When he was just another member of the Nexus that no one really noticed, and then his WWE Tag Team Championship reign with David Otunga. Don't get me wrong, I was happy that he was a champion, but he was never on RAW, rarely on SmackDown but was on Superstars nearly every week. During their 2 month title reign, they had only one successful title defence against The Usos on SmackDown. I was a mixture of relieved and dissapointed when they lost the titles. He put on some great singles matches in 2011-2012, like him vs. Tyson Kidd in the main event of the first episode of the repackaged NXT. It was awesome to see him repackaged as Curtis Axel. When he won the Intercontinental Championship at Payback, I marked. the fuck. out. I got up and jumped/danced around cheering. I actually still watch that match occasionally and get goosebumps watching him win the title. If he ever gets a t-shirt released I would defizately buy it, and I'm still waiting for a Curtis Axel action figure.

    Anyway, I think I've gone on a little too much. So, anyone you're a massive mark of?
  2. Fandango, Ryback, Cesaro and Bryan are a few. That's all I'm saying, because I'm bound to get hate directed at my way lol.
  3. I'm also a big Axel fan, enjoyed him as McGillicutty and loved his feud with Kidd. It was indeed a great moment, him winning the IC title.
  4. I've always like Axel too. Back in his NXT days he was awesome, especially in his program with Kidd. And the Saito Suplexes he does are the best in the bus-i-ness!
  5. AJ, Ziggler and Rhodes. Then, you can include Mysterio cause he was my fav when I was a kid
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  6. I love Justin Gabriel and Drew McIntyre.
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  7. Of course. I've been a fanboy of Del Rio literally since his debut. Others would actually maybe be Cena, I enjoy him.
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    Chris Jericho- He's the first wrestler I actually remember watching,he had me in awe from the get go.
    Dean Ambrose- I found a promo of his on YouTube and have been hooked since.
    AJ Styles- When I first started watching TNA he stuck out the most to me.
    Bad Influence- I've always liked Daniels and Kazarian and them two as a team are just golden.
    Bobby Roode- I wasn't really big on him when he was with Team Canada or Beer Money but the way he turned on Storm really got me going for him.
    Sami Zayn- I don't watch much Indy stuff but I've seen some of his clips and matches as El Generico. I really didn't know what to make of him until he made it on NXT and I was able to keep up with him weekly. His gimmick is delightful and his wrestling skills are amazing.
    Tyler Breeze- He was ok as Mike Dalton but I never paid much attention to him. That is until he debuted on NXT as Tyler Breeze. Tyler Breeze is awesome and is one of my favorites in NXT at the moment.
  9. tito ortiz and rampage jackson.
  10. I've been a Corey Graves fanboy since watching my first episode of the NXT from Full Sail stuff.
  11. Daniel Bryan.
  12. I'd consider myself a fanboy of both Austin Aries and Kassius Ohno, I feel like my judgement gets clouded whenever I'm talking about them. E.g. I thought Aries rubbing his nuts in Hemme's face was awesome.
  13. Knew there was a reason I liked you. :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:P

    Anywho, even though my fanboyism is about 30% of why I'm happy he's champ guess I have to answer Chris Sabin here haha. He and Tyson Kidd are two guys who really won me over with their wrestling alone. And the Uso's too. Would throw out the NXT Big 3 (Wyatt, Neville, Zayn) but guess they fall in the internet darling category.
  14. Big E Langston.
  15. I am a mark for Daniel Bryan, Chris Jericho and Dean Ambrose, and kinda a mini mark for Antonio Cesaro and Cody Rhodes.

  16. Why would you care what some nobody on the internet thinks? I have my own opinions on who I like and don't like, but I won't judge you for who you like and dislike. You can be a Khali fan for all I care, it doesn't affect me so why would I confront you about it?

    As for the four guys you mentioned, I've enjoyed Fandango ever since he debuted the new gimmick. He can wrestle and is entertaining. I would say I am a little upset that he suffered that concussion and missed his opportunity for the Intercontinental Championship, but honestly I'm not and I think we both know why. [​IMG]

    I wasn't a massive fan of Ryback as a babyface. He just didn't appeal to me, I thought he was a bit boring. As a heel I find that he has the freedom to speak more. As a face all he really did was chant "feed me more" and didn't say much else (and when he did, it wasn't very much), as a heel he seems to portray more emotion in his voice. Rather than just shouting or talking with a deep voice, he talks more ... normally, if you will. A great example of that was his backstage segment a couple of weeks ago, where he slapped the arena worker in the face.

    As for Bryan and Cesaro, yeah they're both awesome for obvious reasons.
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  17. Besides Bryan, I am a big mark for Cesaro, Wyatt, Shield, and Henry
  18. Bryan,Cesaro,Ziggler.
  19. I'm a big fanboy of Daniel Bryan, Antonio Cesaro, Cody Rhodes, Damien Sandow and the Shield.
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