Is there anything to look forward to on tonight's RAW (Feb 09)?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Koko B., Feb 9, 2015.

  1. well...?
  2. I just text Vince, he said not much is happening tonight so don't waste your time tuning in.
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  3. Thanks. If you're on good speaking terms with Vince, can I pass along my wish list?
  4. Not really, no.
  5. Well, Bork Laser is advertised for tonight's show, so that should kinda boost everyone's desire to tune in. Hopefully Orton returns.

    Other than that, not much.

    - I have a feeling that Roman/Bryan are gonna be involved in a tag team against someone from The Authority and then, the never-been-done before DQ Fest will come in to play.
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  6. I'm hoping there's something to look forward too.. I don't normally spend $50 on tickets on something I don't expect to be a little bit entertaining.
  7. Enjoy the show tonight & give us a good review of all the stuff they don't put on tv!
  8. I'll try to remember the differences between the show live and then when I watch it on TV tomorrow or something.
  9. Rikishi will be announced as the next 2015 HOF member.

    Yeah.. lol
  10. Heard that Sheamus was backstage for tonight's RAW, but I don't know if that's something to look forward to. :pity:
  11. Lesnar will be on the show
  12. Now I know that Brock spent this past weekend in Webster, SD, which is where he was raised. I believe Brock is coaching here


  13. I wish that was a video where we could see him giving F5s to all those children. That would be quality entertainment!
  14. Out comes Paul Heyman and cuts a promo - 'My client Brock Lesnar has conquered the children' :dawg:
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  15. Definitely, at least for me. I would love it if he returned as a heel.

    Bo Dallas also made his return at a live event a couple of days ago, so I'd like to see him come out and at least cut some of his 'BOLIEVE' promos.
  16. Skipping it.
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  17. Why you thkippin' it, dude?
  18. Thop it.
    Nothing that interests me is on, so I'll probably watch the night before Fast Lane and Fast Lane.
  19. Nah, it's cool. Just wanted to say what I said in Tyson's voice, that's all.
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