Is there something special in store for tonight?

Discussion in 'PPV's & Specials' started by Stopspot, Nov 24, 2013.

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  1. The build for last years survivor series wasn't the best either (just like this year). But we got the Shield's debut which made the card memorable.
    Do you see WWE giving us something special this year? @Pratchett gave us one idea with the possible double turn but do you see something else happening? A surprise return or debut perhaps?

    Basically, will they get us with this here card?
  2. Man, I would LOVE for some kind of swerve tonight. Not gonna get my hopes up though, uh, wait there's the pessimist in me talking again. No clue as to who would turn though? Miz just I haven't a clue. Axel?
  3. Big Show winning. :shivers:

    Um, I read X superstar was in town for Survivor Series tonight.
  4. Who is this superstar "X"? :shock:
  5. He talked about breaking Big E's orbital bone in a .com promo so I think he's stuck as a bad guy for now.
    It could be the Shield imploding, to bring them full circle with their one year of life, but then putting them in the survivor series match with the Americans wouldn't make sense.
  6. Judas Devlin?
  7. I'm torn on having the Shield split. I like em alot, but I'd love to see em implode. Damn you WWE,
    Sheamus? Henry?
  8. I'd like to see Orton beat Show clean. After Hunter and Stephanie come out to celebrate with Orton, but because they doubted that Orton would retain the title, Hunter takes an RKO. This would lead to Orton, still as a heel, going alone, and ending the authority storyline.

    Lol. Like that's going to happen. We're stuck with it till Mania at the earliest.
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  9. I'm going with we are stuck with it until Extreme Rules. God help us all
  10. With the teased tension in the past within The Shield I could easily see them imploding tonight,although, like you said, it would be rather challenging with The Real Americans involved. Maybe they could fit in a Cesaro face turn in there as well but then too many things would be taking place during the match.
  11. Oh there's something in store for tonight:

    Show Spoiler
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  12. i for something to happen in the shield match...either with them..or real americans.....some kinda of turn or imploding.
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