Is this a real poster for HIAC?

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  1. [​IMG]

    surely not lol
  2. Yeah he posted a picture of himself in all the makeup and shit lol. It's horrible.
  3. Yeah, I hate it.
  4. I dont understand all the hate!!!! i think it looks awesome!
  5. I saw that you had posted ITT and knew exactly what you were going to say before re-entering the thread

  6. whats your opinion on it dolph's?
  7. I think it started off as a good idea but went terribly, terribly wrong.
  8. Dolph's sig would be better than the poster originally posted.
  9. It won't happen. This is what will happen:

    Woman: OMG THIS IS LIKE SO SATANIC :shock:

    Religious group: You have lost our vote Linda :sad: may the lord save your soul.
    Devon: My God My God this poster is horrible *signs in another company*

    Linda: *bites Vinces dick while they're having sex* D:< CHANGE THE POSTER OR NO MORE LOVIN FOR YOU!!!! YOU'll BE FORCED TO GO BACK TO KELLY HELLY

    Vince: :(( I'm sorry honey, I'll change it right away *changes PPV name to Nice fight in a Cell and the poster to John Cena* Happy you all?? :yay:

    Religious People: Yes :yay:
  10. Linda and Vince don't have sex, his penis is reserved for "new talent"
  11. He tells her he's going to vote for her, that turns her on. She tells him she's going to get him a new diva, that turns him on as well. They have sex like Christmas appears a year.
  12. Maybe more often than we know. Maybe she tries out the talent with them. Family bonding.
  13. All of them except Shane do that shit. Shane has class :true: he gets some from STD free Brazilian chicks.
  14. The concept is good, the pose is just what throws it off
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