Is this a wrestling forum or a "this guy" Is "this" forum.

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by DarksideTrin, Aug 9, 2012.

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  1. You idiots are blurring the line each passing day. It's crap like the stuff in this section that steers credible forums members from joining up!

    Seriously, I also fully expect to get flamed for this. But a is crayo gay thread? Or a everyone hate mike dot thread? C'mon. It add ZERO to this forum.

    This is the forum that comes up when wwe forums gets googled! This site should have a shit tonne of posters.

    The examples given is why no one signs up and just trolls as a guest.

    Admins. If you want this site to be what you wanted it to be. Then you have to clean the garbage up from here. It's not entertaining to most of the people who wish to talk wrestling. Not have to filter through the idiots!

    End rant
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  2. Butthurt. Starting a thread in your honor.
  3. Stay in a different section and quit your bitching.
  4. It's a wrestling forum. and this is the locker room, for OFF TOPIC posts or threads, there's a wrestling section, where we discuss WRESTLING :youdontsay: so, Y U MOAN ABOUT OFF TOPIC THREADS IN OFF TOPIC SUB-FORUM :yuno:
  5. They do a nice job of keeping the clutter in the locker room... if you only want wrestling stuff, stay in the wrestling sections.
    Although a lot of the statuses aimed towards the community should be legend statuses imo, since those are the main people who they want to see the post.
  6. See? I knew I'd he flamed by the haters.... Your predictable.

    How are new users going to take this place seriously.....
  7. You always say this and that stops members signing up, this is an off topic section on a wrestling forum. What topics do you expect here? Our potential new users are wrestling fans, if they want to sign up the wrestling sections will determine if they do or don't, not an off-topic section.
  8. *you're
  9. Well, proof is in the pudding. This is the first forum that pops up on google.... But there are not a big influx of new users on these forums.... Or ones that last?

    Am I wrong? I hope I am.

    Do other wrestling forums get more users?

    I would assume that this being the first four
    That comes up, that the membership would be actually huge? Granted, there are always a few chit bats that wanna come disturb chit! But hey, it's your forum. Not mine. Just trying to help.

    If this forum succeeds, does it not benefit you financially?

  10. We're the ones running this site, we know how to handle it without your input.
  11. Is this the first forum that pops up? No.

    Are you wrong? Yes.

    Do other wrestling forums get more users? Our three biggest competition in terms of rival forums started in 2001, 1999 and 2003. That's 10 years+ of Google indexing their content. We started in December 2011. We pop up on "WWE Forums" searches and occasional other keywords. Google has indexed hundreds of thousands of their threads. Google has indexed 8,500+ of our 9,000+. We're far more successful than we should be, far more successful.

    If it succeeds, no, it doesn't benefit me financially unless you elaborate on "success". All site profit is reinvested into the site. This is a hobby of mine which eventually I want to turn into a career.
  12. Courtesy rape is now a WWEF term. Meaning: When crayo uses nice words to shit on someone.
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  13. Just to note. One of our major competition is owned by a huge multimedia company that can invest hundreds of thousands in adwords, advertisement income and a whole lot of shit. This site is ran by a 19 year old wrestling fan and a 17 year old Xanth. Our other big competition is owned by a big "dirt sheet" reporting site, where they get a lot of traffic after establishing their "company" since 2001 I think.
  14. I'm on board with it.
  15. Oh, it's unlocked now... Kk...

    Like I said, just asking. It's your thing to do with as you please.

    I'm not hating or anything
    More curiosity than anything.

    If I started one of these, I'd try to profit from it somehow....
  16. LOL!!

    I'm stealing that!
  17. Calm down I know what I am doing!
  18. Lol that's the mind of most new forum webmasters too, I see it scattered across a lot o forums. They start a forum to make money, if you do that, you won't succeed. I'm a wrestling fan with a job, I don't need money. Xanth -- despite what he will tell you -- doesn't need or want money from this. Eventually, we'd like too (can't speak for him but he's a money grabbing whore so he will), as it wuold require a lot more from our free time to keep things stable here.

    Personally, as long as we're up and can invest in cool features that separates us from the rest then I'm a happy guy. I can log in, flame Aids in here, talk wrestling up there and think of ways to improve the site. :emoji_slight_smile:
  19. If it ever gets to the point where I'm classified as a HQ poster.... Please shoot me!
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