Is this going to be the way every week?

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  1. Rock/Cena and HHH vs HBK/Taker getting 20-30 minutes each on the show every week until Wrestlemania?

    Did the youth movement mean nothing?
  2. It's just Wrestlemania season. They always have the big stars in at this point, I expect the youth movement to truly kick into effect around July.
  3. It was reported months ago that Vince canned the youth movement.

    Even if it is wrestlemania season, Rock/Cena is going to draw regardless. Both of those effectively take up an hour of the show (a 2 hour show), then chuck in advertisements and SmackDown matches you have about 20 minutes for RAW superstars.
  4. Either way they always push at least one young star in the summer, such as Punk and Barrett so I should imagine they'd do the same again. They're putting priority on those to try and pop a big rating it seems. Rather than attempt to build a feud.
  5. Probably right, if the summer dissappoints I won't be happy at all.

    Rock didn't draw hardly anything last week, still don't know this weeks rating.
  6. Further proof that wwe don't give a shit about its two world titles.The Bryan vs Sheamus match has had very little build up.
  7. It's a shame because it's so obvious Sheamus is going over Bryan.
  8. Oh the we predict so many things that are true
  9. It will be over after WM
  10. Well if we got a taste of the big matches, ie. Jericho and Punk tag team last Monday, the anticipation wouldn't kill us to the point of wanting to watch said match.

    Wrestlemania is the only PPV i actually buy btw. small price to pay for getting to see everything else free.
  11. I despise tag-teams like that. What did that tag-team accomplish last week? The week before was exceptional (in Punk vs Jericho scenario), this week was just anti-climatic. But hey, Teddy Long was in charge so I should have expected it :tagteammatch:
  12. Youth movement? I must have missed it
  13. As was said, it's this way because it's Wrestlemania season. It is funny, though, that 3 out of 4 people in the double main event are all veterans (from the Attitude Era) who will disappear (from in-ring action) after WM is over. And if we turn to the world title matches, Jericho is a veteran as well, not a young(er) guy, and hell, there's even rumors that he'll be leaving shortly after Wrestlemania as well. And then there's Sheamus-Bryan, both young guys, but the irony is that this has been the least built up of all the main matches and I'm guessing very few people care about how it turns out.
  14. Miz, Swagger, Ziggler, all world champions in the same year.
  15. lol you really just mentioned Dolph's 10 minute title reign to me???


    And Swagger's, while slightly longer, was an even bigger fail.
  16. Jack Swagger never should have been world champion. He's a mid-carder for life, in my opinion.
  17. I disagree as he got some pretty good heat last time and we all know he can wrestle. He shouldn't have got a run so early but he has potential to be a credible heel champion.
  18. Lmao I'm sorry. But yeah, all of those were main eventing = youth movement.

    Still, youth movement. Swagger was a great WHC in my opinion.
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