Is this going to lead to HBK vs HHH then?

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  1. Because if so, I'm surprisingly all for it. HBK being involved in this story has made it so much better imo. I am still incredibly against Big Show playing the anti-authority role, but I am liking the different factors that are now appearing in this feud. There's different directions it can head simply because HBK is the referee; like if he screws Bryan he joins the corporate stable and it's another obstacle for the bearded one. Or, he can call it down the middle with Bryan winning and start a feud with HHH.

    What do you guys think?
  2. I can see it being team HHH vs team HBK at survivor series.
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  3. I couldn't see HBK coming out of retirement and if he did I would be very disappointed. HBK's retirement was very emotional and his final match was spectacular, I cant see him following it up especially with HHH, If he was to ever come out of retirement it would have to be to end the streak if not I would be disappointed, Thats just my opinion.
  4. Sure, HBK is clearly still keeping up in good shape. If anyone can come back and have a kick ass match it's him. It's wrestling and people come back from retirements all the time. If some people are a little too emotionally attached to the fake carnie fighting, oh well.
  5. I would love to see a match b/w HHH & HBK... but i think HBK will turn heel and join HHH.....
  6. I would not like to see HBK turn heel after all this time, but since I'm not the head of the WWE... But really.. let the man stay retired as a 'face.' Please?
  7. Seen it enough IMO. I agree with the survivor series team captain idea though.
  8. I don't think HBK will ever rassle again. Wouldn't seem right, and I don't think he strokes his ego like that anymore.

    Would I want to see another HBK match though? Ohhh hell yeah
  9. HHH vs DB. Pay attention.
  10. I was already skeptical of Michaels as referee the moment he was voted in, and last night's show only further convinced me he's out to screw Bryan. The way Michaels trained Bryan and hates Orton and told off HHH and the way the show ended with Bryan putting Orton down (we all know of the general rule that whoever gets the last word before the PPV usually loses) makes me think there's a swerve coming. And if it does, I don't see Michaels 'joining' anything. He'll likely just explain himself on Raw the next night and then bugger off. Same with if Bryan wins the title come Sunday - HHH will be pissed that Michaels sided with Bryan and allowed him to defeat Orton and win the championship but that will be all that comes of it. (It would be awesome to see HHH sic The Shield on Michaels the next night for it, though.)

    I doubt any of this is leading to Bryan/HBK or HHH/HBK. HHH HAS gone on record with saying he wants his final match to be against Michaels at Wrestlemania but that won't be next year since the seeds for HHH/Bryan have been planted since Summerslam. They only further hinted at it on Raw last night with HHH saying he only wrestles stars and Bryan isn't a star in his mind. People also thought the quarrels between HHH and HBK during the WM28 build with Undertaker was gonna lead to HHH/HBK at WM29, but that didn't happen either.
  11. Nah. I really don't think HBK is coming out of retirement and I think HHH's next big match (vs Show isn't a big match) will be vs Bryan.
  12. Love it. Their feuds were epic as fuck.

    Wouldn't mind HBK vs DB..

    Even better: HBK vs DZ in a 60 minute Iron Man match
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