Is this how you Axel fans would push Axel?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, May 30, 2013.

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  1. Currently he has gone over HHH and Cena in consecutive weeks via count out. Could any of you have dreamed such booking? Sure, the first result against HHH was a clusterfuck to say the least, and at first made Axel look pretty shit. But in hindsight, it's a win over The Game and Heyman will go on and on about that, and now he just went over the WWE champion.

    Are you pleased with the booking? Would you change anything? Also, what's next for him? Who should his first actual feud be against?
  2. The Cena match was so weird. It sort of made him feel unimportant. Like Cena was like 'nah, Curt Jr you just aren't that big of a deal. I'm going to go get ambushed by Ryback instead'

    I'm unsure as to what WWE is trying to accomplish with the count out wins, but that is a good thing I suppose. For once it isn't easy to pinpoint exactly where they are going with a guy's push. But him rubbing elbows with the legends is only a good thing for him even with the strange finishes. And count out wins > losses, so hey, no complaints.

    As for who he should have his first real feud with, why not CM Punk? If he really is coming back sooner rather than later the feud basically writes itself. Punk no shows for Payback, Heyman replaces him w/ Axel (who goes over Jericho), Punk returns saying Heyman overstepped his bounds and that nobody tells him when to wrestle and Heyman gets mad and sicks Axel on him. Axel ofc goes over Punk as well :adr:
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  3. yes i think hes doing very well for wwe standard and hes good enough to end teh streak at wm30 like bret hart said. legend in teh making.
  4. He needs to win a match in the middle of the ring ASAP! these count out wins aren't doing much for him. He needs to be in a solid program with a vet that will put him over in the end. HHH and Cena are too over his head ATM. Jericho is the easiest answer, but too predictable. Perhaps he could decimate the Miz and force him to retire.
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  5. Punk to put him over like dolph's suggested would work. Or a returning Christian can be written in to the program.
  6. His push has only been going for a couple of weeks, but surprisingly, they haven't managed to screw it up yet (it's still early, though.)

    I agree that a Punk/Axel feud seems obvious at this point. As stated, Punk doesn't show at Payback and Axel takes his place and gets his first pin fall victory by defeating an accomplished star like Jericho. He perhaps does it again at Money In The Bank.

    During all of this, we hear nothing of Punk and all the while, Axel starts knocking Punk and saying that because he couldn't bother to take a twenty-thirty minute drive to the arena and face Chris Jericho like a man, he stepped up and took care of it for him. He says to Heyman that he doesn't need Punk anymore because he has him. Heyman doesn't exactly join in and agree, but he remains silent and has a look on his face where he's giving it thought and not exactly disagreeing. Punk returns eventually and confronts Axel (and Heyman) over the comments made about him. He says that when he walked away from WWE, he needed to walk away from all of it and he hasn't even bothered to watch or otherwise keep up with any of the shows or happenings since then. He was also away on vacation and not even in Chicago when the Payback PPV came to town. He tells Heyman he should check with him next time before accepting challenges for him that he isn't even aware of.

    Axel gets in his face and Punk doesn't back down, but Heyman calms down the two of them. He perhaps gets them to work together for a short time but this leads to a situation where Heyman chooses Axel over Punk and thus Punk's full official baby face turn is complete. Hopefully, this transitions into a HHH feud for Axel (when HHH returns) and a Brock feud for Punk. That's another story, though.
  7. I like the guy and I have for a little while but I don't think I'd want him ending the streak.
  8. Was just thinking about what you just said and thought that in any logical universe, this is perfect. A guy that's been banished to Superstars for the past 2 years can't just come in and beat people immediately, so making him look important enough to be worth HHH and Cena's time and not lose anything at the end seems to be the best way to start a push. (It could be better but lets not look a gift horse in the mouth on this one). Mcgillicutty almost seems like a upper mid-carder after 2 weeks as a result, nice job WWE! :otunga:

    (That positive post) Now don't screw it up. :tough:
  9. I think it's fine. It's two wins over two huge names. It's not to big of a win, but it's not a loss as well. He just debuted, he shouldn't be going over the WWE champion easily, but also this doesn't ruin the fire of his debut. I say have him go over a few midcarders, even Punk could work too.
  10. I'm liking it. Beats three straight months of squashes and he's working with big names so no harm.
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