Is this inevitable?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Dec 27, 2011.

  1. ADR is out for 6 weeks or something now, which screams one thing to me. He's going to win the rumble as the returning star. Many people think this could happen, or Sheamus winning it. I'm really really hoping none of them do personally.

    If ADR gets it though... :@.
  2. It's not ADR.
    It's Jericho.
  3. If Jericho returning next week, I can't see him winning the rumble. Though I really, really hope he does. Or The Miz winning, perfect.
  4. How would adr win? I can't see him winning in a such a baby face fashion tbh. My bet is on punk after jericho returns and beats him turning heel aligning with laurinitas in the process.
  5. How could Punk win the rumble if he'll be competing already? Unless you mean, Jericho returns to face Punk. They screw Punk at the Rumble, Punk enters rumble and wins to set up punk vs jericho? Would be awesome.
  6. Yeah like dolph and randy did this year after being in title matches it was the only way I could think of to give a proper end to punk vs the company
  7. Wow, I would love it. It would show a massive belief in Punk as well, be in a WWE Title match and win the rumble on the same PPV. Can't help thinking it will be a SmackDown star though, Sheamus for example. It's typical of WWE to put the guy who's done nothing for like 3 months in the rumble and win it.
  8. But didn't he win the last rumble aswell?

    Del Rio is no Michaels or Stone Cold, that's for sure. I just don't see it happening.

    However I do see Jericho (or whoever is coming back) costing Punk the title to Ziggler, then him triumphantly winning the Rumble from a very early number.

    Or alternatively, Punk verses Ziggler at the rumble as well and again gets cheated out of it. Then he comes to the rumble at #30 and wins it surprisingly.

    Damn my fantasy booking :3
  9. No he's definitely no HBK or SCSA, but WWE think he can be. Can't you tell from last year, they want this guy to be huge. It wouldn't surprise me if he won again, but it would piss me off.

    I love that booking. I want Punk (if he's dropping title) or ItBegins (if it's Jericho) to win the rumble. If none of those I'd want Miz or Barret. Barret I think needs to be in the title scene already personally.
  10. What about Kane?
    Can't he win it?
  11. Which title would he go for though?
  12. World Heavyweight?

    Could build up the "underdog Bryan can beat the giants" kinda thing they seem like they'll do. Kane is the most deadly, if he makes him tap at Mania then he's over for life. Also, they'd put on a great match.
  13. But what do they do with Kane + Cena?
  14. I love Bryan probably more then any one else on here but I don't want to see him make Kane tap. I want Kane to have a good run as this monster not have him it blow out after a few months. It would work really well though having Bryan make Kane tap and the match quality would exceed any matches Bryan could have with Big Show or Mark Henry.
  15. Kane is the man to make Cena turn heel, not the one to have a feud with him. In a few more weeks, the two will be over. There will be no actual feud.

    Well, you can always make him wreck havoc in the rumble, beating his own record whilst winning it. Infact, that only builds to the matches hype.

    It might not happen, but it'd put Bryan over big time. Which is what he needs.
  16. I disagree, I think there will be a feud. Cena isn't just going to lie down and accept the hate. He'll be putting up a fight at least against Kane.