Is this really the first How I Met Your Mother Thread?!

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  1. This has to be one of the best shows ever. Doogie fucking howser, Bob Saget, a shitload of fake voiceover laughs, and a lot of solid comedy you could watch with kids, just never explain the jokes.

    Seriously, I can't be the only person looking forward to this show finally ending. This is one of those series that has 0 off seasons, this show makes me forget about the office and have a cheap laugh.....especially with the Marshall being from MN stuff. Anyone? Someone? @Xanth must.
  2. best shows ever? I watched like 6 seasons and just stopped because, well, it wasn't anything great. Solid entertainment, nothing too memorable

    and nah, there have been threads before
  3. ahh, word. I've watched it all as it has gone, i guess the other threads were bland, like this one is.

    It's a great show, solid in it's performance, on caliber with show's like modern family and the big bang theory. Not top tier but well acted and decent for how it's presented (i do hate the fake laugh deal)

    You better get out of here before Senhor scolds me for making a thread, hoping you would reply.
  4. BBT? I'm out of here
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  5. Great show, love it so much. This last season is kinda slow getting to what's gonna happen.
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  6. the one ep that stuck with me thinking back is the ep where Marshall's pops dies and the ep after. Not that it was funny, just sad.

    Barney was funny, but besides him (and hating on Robin for being Canadian) the show was never that hilarious to me
  7. Segal is one of the best actors/anything ever imo. His first show was one of the dankest shows ever, ripped well before it's time. , He wrote an album for a band that didnt exist and made millions (infant sorrow) and randomly just ROCKED that puppet deal with dracula.

    Dude is top 10 all time in my book.
  8. I like that it moves how it has. When i heard the entire last season was, what, 3 days? I was pretty confused, but it really has been great so far. I love all the great special moments, the random competition, and the fact that you can almost tell how he will meet their mother. It is at least as good as that 70's show.
  9. He's cool I guess but his character is never that funny to me. lawyered and shit is always gay
  10. you've got to stop before I hate you
  11. That's impossible bro.
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  12. its cheap family comedy, all those kinds of characters have their one liners.
  13. HIMYM isn't even in the same galaxy of awesomeness that That 70s Show is. I will FIGHT you. with my FISTS
  14. You can be nick diaz and i will be mirko cro crop
  15. [​IMG]
  16. alright 70's show is > but HIMYM is up there above senfeld, and i will fight you over that bullshit.
  17. That 70's show is so much better than HIMYM. Still good though.
  18. 70's show is one of the best ever, minus the last season 1/2? 1/4? Whenever Eric leaves, and they try to pass Lori's retarded double off as real.
  19. 70s show has 6 epic seasons and the lame ass last one w no Eric
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