Is This The Accumulation Of Daniel Bryan Becoming A More Serious Character?

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  1. Winning the World Heavyweight Championship again by the end of the year to erase the bad memory of losing his first (and only) world title in 18 seconds?

    With them pushing Daniel Bryan as a more serious character as a way of him proving he's not the weak link of Team Hell No, or weak at all, why couldn't it all result in him getting another WHC by the end of 2013?

    Let's look at why a feud with Bryan and Ziggler would be awesome and a good way for Ziggler to drop the title:

    -The match(es) would be awesome.
    -Bryan is working a more serious and aggressive character, and as the thread title says, him winning the title could be the accumulation of all of it.
    -AJ is at the center of it. She was there to witness his first reign ending in 18 seconds and she finds amusement in this now. This would make it all the more sweet for Bryan from his point of view on the matter, as Bryan is the last person in the WWE that AJ wants Ziggler to lose his belt to. (Hopefully AJ wouldn't be allowed to steal all of Ziggler's heat for the feud though, like the way Stephanie did with Jericho during the HHH/Jericho build towards WM X-8.)

    The match set up is easy, as Bryan simply wants to prove to Kane he's not the weakling of Team Hell No and says after a certain point that they need to break apart because Bryan needs to go at it alone again. This eventually leads to him winning a battle royal or a tournament (those are always fun) or maybe just the MITB briefcase itself for the WHC. This sets up the title match.

    Booking this for a PPV like Night Of Champions (instead of say, Summerslam) would be appropriate given the PPV name. You could even estimate it to say it's been about almost 18 months since his title reign ended in just as many seconds. Plus, with Over The Limit only three weeks away, you wouldn't need as much time to build to the next title defense since all you'd have to do is simply book the rematch.

    Bryan winning the title would be the ultimate moment of him throwing his arms up and yelling YES repeatedly with the audience going along with it. He would then realize afterwards that his ensuing title reign would be the most important period of proving his worth to all who continue to doubt him.
  2. I'd love to see that. Although they'd probably make it all about AJ.
  3. If that happens maybe I get more interested in WWE than this past year...
  4. That would be great. It would be a shame to see Ziggler drop it though after being booked rather poorly so far, but the matches and feud would be really great, and seeing Bryan with the gold is simply wonderful.
  5. Stopped reading at "AJ..."
  6. Stopped reading after "Stopped reading..." :pity2:
  7. I would love to see this, it would be great to see them go back and forth with the title for a while, with possibly Bryan coming out as the victor in the end.
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