Kayfabe Is This The End?


The Lunatic Fringe
Rising Star
*Yuri Black's theme song hits with the crowd knowing how upset Black will be after his loss against Spencer Hyde.*

*Yuri is to be seen on the stage but with his hood over his head and his head down as he denies to look up at his fans that he believes let down. He slowly struts down with the crowd chanting "Lets go Yuri". He stops in the middle of the ramp and finally begins to lift his head and smiles. As he is about to pull down his hood out of nowhere Yuri is hit at the back of the head and hits hard on the ramp. The crowd begin to boo at the man who just attacked Yuri and chant "Who are ya". The man then lifts Yuri back to his feet and looks straight at the camera that is near enough to hear his voice.*

???: It's time for him to hang up the boots.

*The man then puts Yuri in a DDT position and hits with with an opposite swinging neck-breaker with the crowd continuing to chant "Who are ya!". The man begins to shout at the crowd*

???: Who am I? Who am I?!

*He walks to the camera man and places his hands around it*

Austin Cruz: I'm Austin Cruz!

*Austin Cruz then pushes the camera away from him and stands over the hurt Yuri Black with one hand raised and a smirk on his face until the camera fades black*


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