Is this the launch of a new era?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Crayo, Apr 3, 2012.

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  1. Quote from Cole after Brock's attack (Cole was fucking awesome btw, King was shit as always): "The landscape, the complexion, of the WWE, has been drastically changed. With one emphatic F5 from the beast, the freak, Brock Lesnar".

    Many think this is a way to launch a brand new era into WWE, I wouldn't be surprised if they're right to be honest. We all thought the Cena heel turn couldn't happen after he stayed face in Miami at Wrestlemania, but could they be using Brock?

    Dunno, it's a tough one. Discuss :emoji_slight_smile:
  2. It's nice to think about, but I'll take a wait and see approach. For starters I don't think Brock is going to be around enough unfortunately.
  3. I doubt it, tbh I think we're repeating the past year but with Brock instead of Rock. They'll build it but not actually do it.
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  4. But you have to admit, since just before the RTWM started, RAW has been different. Sure it's sucked, but there's been controversial moments, shoots, cursing (JeebaK), edgyness. Are they slowly trying to incorporate some of its roots back? Even though it looks like Brock & Rock are returning for paychecks and Vince is loving it because his is ridiculously large, but if there were any 2 current stars not in WWE who could launch a new era, you would surely pick Brock and Rock right?

    I could be giving creative too much credit here. It's nice to discuss anyway.
  5. Tbh the only thing that can truly launch a new era in WWE at this point is a Cena heel turn. Cliche, sure, but it's what I believe. If Brock's return leads to that, then awesome. If not, I agree with Seabs, it's just 2011's formula again but with Brock substituted for Rock.
  6. I think there Here to push cena beat lesner at WM 29 promos would be epic and i think since im going to wm 29 there should be some good matches
  7. John Laurenitis (sp) (bad speller :emoji_stuck_out_tongue:) is better than Hunter and Vince is elsewhere so maybe this is a new face
  8. It's still a PG era, so who cares?
  9. "Herp derp PG is so bad herp derp"

    So what, PG means nothing. There could be a whole new ruthless aggression era if they wanted.
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  10. I started to point out to him that the rating has little to no impact on why the show is so shitty usual, but I knew someone would do it for me. Thank you based Crayo
  11. does WWE just now get interesting every year? after wrestlemania?
  12. What's the new era>bringing back previous superstars to boost ratings? WWE should try to push their current talents...lots of potential.
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  13. How can this be the start of a brand-new era if Brock is going to make only up to 30 appearances in the coming year?
  14. ^My hero.

    They're going to toy with it for a little while before Creative's lethargy kicks in again. Then the summer storyline starts, we'll wonder the same thing, and then the last 6 months will leave us bitching about the PG era again. You know, like last year.
  15. Well its the bulid the 30 times he comes he wil feud with cena
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