Is this the start to having but one brand?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Sackfist, Mar 12, 2012.

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  1. A twelve man tag match has been announced for mania, as many would have predicted, it will decide which GM will run both brands, looking forward to the build up to this. Do you think they will announce them each week or all at once?

    Is this the start to becoming a single brand?

    I don't think so, for a business sense, they should keep both brands
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  2. I feel that so many people in the IWC complained about SD and RAW not being together and shit and how great it would be if they unified. Then, when WWE basically unifies the brands the IWC completely shuns the idea of it. They can't be happy.
  3. Wouldn't make sense to have a single brand even though Supershow feels like it already is.
  4. I hope so. SmackDown needs to go and it needs two shows per week, both live.
  5. two live shows would be good, but looking at it for a business angle, they currently produce one live show, meaning that the show is worth more than the taping. Two would most definitely result in price reduction. Simple economics, it could lose them money from RAW, and that would be extremely bad for business. With working two live shows, pay checks are gonna increase as well

    Two live shows could benefit the little roster they have and push some of the neglected superstars such as Tyson Kidd.
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  6. Two live shows = Twice the amount of posts on this forums
  7. Thats true
  8. Just because there's two live shows that doesn't mean it will reduce their income. They could use it to showcase the other talents, so it would be like RAW/SmackDown but with one brand.

    Plus, two live shows = more viewers on the second, meaning a better network will host it, more advertisements will happen, bigger audience to advertise merchandise too. Money money money money.
  9. If they would put two shows together, you will have a 5/6 hour show running live on TV.
    No place for low-carders and a small spot for mid-carders. That just would not work out.
    Then they would have to bring the unified WWE championship back, create a unified United States Intercontinental championship. And have 20 stars competing for it.
    Not working imo.
  10. They don't need to go back to having one brand, in my opinion. All they really should do is start using what they have and pushing new talent up the ranks on the shows. They have started to. In the last year, guys like Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Zack Ryder, Cody Rhodes, Alberto Del Rio, The Miz, R-Truth, Wade Barrett and Dolph Ziggler have all been given a chance to shine brighter. WWE needs new stars. I think merging the brands would harm that. I think they need two separate brands to simultaneously build the next generation.
  11. I would agree if they actually used the stars correctly. SmackDown is treated like dog shit so why would the product outcome be any different?
  12. Agreed with that.
    WWE is really using them wrong, while they are talented as hell. Just need a new sort of creative team or better thinkers to make the company look better and use the superstars they have.
  13. They seem to be concerned with Twitter and trending rather than their shows
  14. True, it's all 'bout social media.
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