Is this the worst generation of writers?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Franklin, Mar 26, 2013.

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  1. A lot of people have criticized WWE writers. I can understand and agree with their opinions. However, I think writing is terrible throughout the entertainment business. To me writers are getting worse and worse.

    Am I the only black person who dislikes Tyler Perry's movies? Just joking! Although I think his movies are bad and repetitive. All of his movies follows the same plot. One spouse is abusive and the other spouse will leave. Most of the time it is the man who is being abusive. The other spouse will get a divorce, and find the "right" partner.

    The last season of 24 was so poorly written. At times the show appeared to be racist in the last season. Jack killed his long time partner for no reason because his partner wanted to kill a criminal with information. Jack could have told the other officers to hold his friend back, but Jack decided to overreact and kill his partner. Seriously what government agent would overreact like that?

    These are just a couple of examples about why I think writers are getting worse.
  2. Tyler Perry is garbage, and south park's episode with him is perfectly on point.

    I wont disagree, i think having writers is dying, and being a writer/actor/director (Workaholics, it's always sunny, etc) or being Law and Order (using real crimes as background) are the only options that work in my book.
  3. I'm thankful we don't get any stuff with him in it over here. But WWE's writing can't really be done in depth because of how much they travel, so I see it as not having alot of time to really think of anything great.
  4. Depends really. Modern Family and Dexter, for example, are freaking fantastic. There will always be shit TV for the most part, that's what makes the great shows that much better.
  5. Phil Dunphy is a writer on the show, and others are producers, same as in dexter.
  6. The writers...only write man. They dont have to travel (i assume they have a corporate office) and have no excuse to have such shitty writing issues (see most week's smackdown effect on the next RAW)

    I guess we have to agree to disagree.
  7. Well I meant it in the fact that, with Injuries and what not, it'd be hard to consistently write fresh material for every house show. Especially when they go around 365 days a year.
  8. Never even thought of the house shows, i dont see them as necessarily relevant. The main show? Garbage.
  9. Yeah, most of the stuff is nowadays, I like where Taker/Punk is going though. Guess you have to have 2 wrestlers who can sell the story to you.
  10. Yep, i even am buying into jericho/fandango. Love y2j and him putting people over. Ziggler is getting fucked, i dont give a single fuck about cena/rocky unless cena pulls a vince action figure out of his ass and goes heel.

    TNA is dope though man, shit finally came together for aces and 8's, and the stars are much greater, imo.
  11. We're just in a transition period waiting for the next great TV series. Majority of the great ones now are adaptations of already existing well written material like the Game of Thrones series. It goes in circles.
  12. Having never watched TNA i can't really attest to it's quality, not liking Hogan puts me off it even more.

    I'll admit I'm liking the Jericho/Fandango feud (because of Jericho mind). I was thinking would turn heel last night, but it never happened.
  13. ...What about wrestling.

    I agree about the tv, you have both, with the reality shit finally cooling down/upgrading to things of actual interest (gold mining, auctions, helping restaurante's/hotel's/etc)

    But wrestling? It's predictable, and the writers don't give the less capable wrestlers any help on the mic.
  14. Thursday, ill hit you with a link, hit up the discussion thread. It's quality as hell.

    Fandango is heel, jericho is face.
  15. My last part was in reference to Cena, sorry if that was confusing! Also sure, no idea what time it starts over here but i'll watch an episode.
  16. Nope. Writing standards hasn't increased or decreased; society has just moved on and needs to be catered to in different ways. It's fascinating how much society has changed even in the last ten years.
  17. There are tons of writers out there putting out great movies & television.
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  18. I just think the WWE writers are lazy. Theres no right here is where we are, heres where we want to get. Then joining the dots inbetween, they should know where the stories are going months in advance like say Joss Whedon does writing a tv show. Obviously things change due to injuries but this should still be able to be worked round. A monkey could point at balls with ideas on and the storylines would still be better. Rhodes Scholars is still annoying me they split them up then oh crap what to do now oh just put em back together no one will notice. Ffs.
  19. Surprised no one has mentioned Breaking Bad yet... just look at that for great writing! @"Big Hoss Rambler"
  20. As for writing regards film and tv. I find it similar to music that some stuff garnered for mainstream attention is basic and poor, so you have to search sometimes for the great stuff. Money is the biggest part in this as repetitive mainstream things sell fast and furious 50, halloween remakes etc all get the money through the tills. Whereas more thought out interesting titles dont always drawer the money so we dont see them unless we search. There is brilliance out there.
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