Is this the year that Battlefield beats CoD?

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  1. How many people will be getting this game? It looks absolutely amazing. Where as, all I see is pessimism surrounding "CoD: Ghosts". Is this the year for Battlefield?

    This game + GTA = awesome gaming year.
  2. Call of Duty is dieing out for me, I think 3 maybe 4 more games and it'll be the last for at least 4-5 years.

    That Battlefield promo video does look INSANE though, the graphics are awesome and especially the fact that they even have great graphics in gameplay, as opposed to just cut scenes like most promo videos are. Must be remembered that it's on a computer though, so FPS and Graphics are going to be lower on the console versions.
  3. Watched this gameplay so many times now. Jesus.
  4. I'm saying Battlefield will beat CoD for me.
  5. The things those eggheads can do with the frostbite engine is bloody amazing.
  6. Batllefield already beat COD in 2011 :hogan:
  7. I liked Battlefield Bad Company 2. I thought Battlefield 3 was alright.
    As for beating Call of Duty. Of course! Call of Duty sucked since MW2 IMO and is fucking overrated. Don't know why people spend their money on that crap each year. Shit game. It's been beaten every year by other games.
  8. Nothing will defeat CoD unless CoD defeats itself. It such a pointless battle to try & "take out Call of Duty." In a sense, this "take out CoD" mentality has ruined many game franchises. Battlefield won't beat out CoD in numbers, but Battlefield will do what Battlefield does well: large scaled battles with sweet vehicles.
  9. I dunno dude. I would have said the same about PES way back when they were the best football game bar none, and now look. Fifa is the best selling game in the world. I agree that it's incredibly unlikely and CoD franchise will have to shoot itself in the foot, but Battlefield has a chance, as they look the more advanced out of two if you compare. The CoD community is a lot different from the glory days, imo anyway.
  10. Ahh. Halo > both.
  11. Battlefield tried to go head to head with Call of Duty with Battlefield 3, and they failed. From the looks of it, they decided to take the "if if ain't broke" route (which I totally agree with), so no way a game that is almost exactly like it's predecessor will do what the game before it couldn't; especially if the last game was trying to compete with CoD & this one isn't.

    Not saying Battlefield 4 won't do well, because it will. Battlefield knows their niche & they stick to it. Something that I wish Halo would have done. It's just Call of Duty is the ultimate "bro-shooter," while Battlefield isn't.

    It's funny that you brought up Halo as that's one of the main franchises I was talking about. Halo killed itself trying to be like CoD. I grew up with Halo, I traveled & competed in competitive Halo, and I watched it kill itself trying to be CoD. Halo 4 barely peaks out at 30k people a day 7 months into it's life. Halo 3 had 100k+ in Team Slayer alone at this point.
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  12. I don't play any FPS's.

    Advertisement wise, CoD is winning by far. Here's the trailer for the new Call of Duty: GHOSTS.

    Like I said, I'm not really into FPS's, but damn, that trailer makes me want to buy the game. I always loved when game companies use real life film to advertise a game.
  13. omgee wut u dnt plae fps'es? wut r u doin?! its lyk da onle games dat mater pow pow BOOM #yolo #swag #coddymccodcods
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