Is TNA Dying? and would it affect wrestling business?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Marshall, Jul 17, 2013.

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  1. With these "Cost Cutting" talent releases that have been happening, the rumors of there being late payments to workers, and the almost depressing attendance figures for house shows, it has made me think...are these the last months of TNA?? What do you think?

    If TNA does bite the dust, how would it affect the business?? Of course there would be a lot of men & women who would lose their jobs sadly, but thats not what I'm talking about.

    My answer....especially if it ended now is that it wouldn't affect that much. Obviously it would take away any chance of having major competition for WWE . it would take away the opportunity for a young guy to get experience in front of semi decent crowds every week & preform on national TV,There proper stars: Roode, Styles, Magnus, Storm and maybe Bully & Joe would go to WWE, and hopefully get a proper shot at being big stars. In the big picture though nothing would change. Impact wasn't even beating WWE Main Event's ratings, so they weren't a all.

    If TNA were to die today, it's legacy would be the company that had all the potential in the world...but were too lazy & or scared to do anything with it.

    How would it affect the biz in your eyes??
  2. I think it would give WWE the chance to have a proper brand split. If they were to bring over the top talent in TNA, and purge all their dead weight, they could have two shows filled with stars and great action. Then the annual draft would mean so much more and the mid card and tag team scene would also mean something again. The question is would WWE has the brains to do it that way, who knows?
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  3. Those who wouldn't go to WWE would likely go to ROH. I could see ROH jump on the chance since they seem to be on the upswing (better TV ratings than earlier, expanding market, Sinclair pushing more money into it as Sinclair advances on a national scale). I could see sinclair going national and getting ROH out to more households.

    The theoretical death of TNA would not have too big an impact on American wrestling, because TNA's impact on American wrestling sadly isn't as big as WCW or ECW.
  4. TNA isn't dying lol. Wait until Gohan sees this thread
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  5. Yeah, the company is most likely not doing as well as expected but it isn't dying. The ship isn't sinking but it has most likely hit a reef if that metaphor makes sense.

    They'll need some organizational restructuring and possibly a new business model to make some extra money.
  6. I don't think TNA is dying, but if they did tbh it wouldn't have that much of an impact. Possibly a few new guys on WWE, I guess I'd start watching ROH full time and they'd have some TNA guys there but other than that not much would change.
  7. The company isn't dying, but they want to keep on the road and that's why they're releasing so many stars. It really sucks because they had a lot of potential. I think they should go back to the Impact Zone a bit more because a lot of people is disappointed with this releases. That way they won't need to release anyone else.
  8. Isnt dying yet but I believe it may eventually, They are making stupid decisions and releasing talented people, Plus they arent doing well getting the product out in the world as Europe couldnt (Not sure if they can now) watch their stuff live for years, I think Spain can watch it now.
  9. I don't think so. Spain can't even watch WWE live. Well, I don't know if they can but I don't think so.
  10. Im sure Spain can watch WWE Live mate :pity:
  11. I know they can watch WWE PPVs live. I don't think they can watch Raw and SD! live...
  12. Jonthan and Rodrgio already told you they can.
  13. I still don't understand the resigning of Taz after all that has happened.
    It isn't dying, if they're releasing talent, they're thinking ahead.
  14. TNA won't die. But maybe they can become a smaller but a better promotion. I can see that if this financial problems will continue they can stop working with guys like Hogan, Sting and maybe Angle. That can be great because TNA was about young stars. TNA was about face paced X Division. I was watching 2006 PPvs. Yeah JJ had his ego running all over the company like crazy but there was lots of great wrestlers. Lethal at is 20, Shelley at his 24. And now all we see is Hardy/Angle/Chavo/Hogan/Sting. Only Angle makes me interested. Guys like Joe, Roode, AJ, Daniels, Kazarian is TNA and they can carry TNA without Hogan.
  15. loldying

    10 people have been fired, and while many of those 10 were wrong ones fired, it still means squat compared to the 45+ people roster.

    It's just restructuring and budget cuts going on, nothing serious IMO. New and cheaper people will get hired (as far as Creative team goes), and hell - they might be beter than Bruce and D'Lo.
  16. TNA dying? Right now I'm saying they're on their way until proven otherwise. Still have a long way to go before you read them their last rights, but the getting the right replacement for Prichard is enormous. Also replacing the marketing and PR directors who were fired recently with people who don't make me say "holy shit, they have marketing and PR directors?"

    It's effect on the wrestling business: It'll give Vince nothing to rip off, and that's about it.

    It's legacy? Probably the same thing braindead casuals say about it today. "lolwwerejectshow"
  17. Bruce and D'Lo weren't the creative team from what I know. Isn't that Dave Lagana?
  18. TNA, though not as big as the WWE, had a lot of it's gold moments that will stay with the fans forever. I'm hoping for the best for them.

    WWE wouldn't be the same if TNA dissolves. WWE will lose another competitor, and eventually their work will be sloppy, seeing as (almost) nothing pushes them to do their best.
  19. TNA isn't competition for the WWE. That's the sad truth. If they were Vince would acknowledge its existence. He does not.

    TNA is an alternative, but it isn't in direct competition with the WWE.
  20. If you remember before BFG 2011 when Russo was demoted from "head of creative" to "head writer", Prichard took his place as head of creative to filter his ideas out.
    After Russo left altogether Lagana became the head writer and took his spot.

    Makes you wonder how much they'll change creatively.
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