Is TNA missing the Sleaze train?

Discussion in 'TNA iMPACT! (2011-2015)' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Jun 13, 2013.

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    As we embark on the BFG Series it reminds me that we are nearing the 1 year anniversary of Joey Ryan winning a contract in his match against Al Snow. Thinking back to that point in time he was probably the IWC's favorite storyline leading into BFG 2012. We had Roode/Storm, but that match at BFG didn't feel nearly as important as their title match at Lockdown, and the feud was sort of sputtering at that point, though the match was great. The Hardy redemption angle wasn't getting anyone hyphee, and the Ryan as a bitter outsider angle was gold.

    Since winning the contract however the Sleaze Factor's only angle involved hiring Morgan as his body guard and unsuccessfully challenging for the X Division and Tag title. Now, I would have been more than fine with him winning either the X Division or Tag Team belts w/ Morgan, but I also wasn't upset that he lost. I am upset, however, at his treatment since then. He seems to be a forgotten man, and I don't understand it. I get that they can always go back and push him later, but there is also something to be said about striking while the iron is hot, and I think they missed out on that chance.

    At the very least he should be in the BFG Series as an interesting character who can put on fun matches while putting others over, but I doubt he will even be in that.

    How badly do you think TNA dropped the ball on the Sleaze factor, and what would you be interested in seeing him do at this point in time? It seems he will probably continue to be a forgotten man until at least after BFG this year, because he ain't getting a feud leading up to that.
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  2. They dropped the ball big time. I'd love to see him in the hunt for the TV title, but they'll most likely stick him in some random tag team since they need a new heel team now that AA/RR are breaking up.
  3. I think I see this alot in both promotions. Great story lines, great talent given a chance for one ppv or for one month and then they just vanish. I think it's a bit of everything from dropping the ball, not knowing what to do next so not doing anything to begin with. Too the established stars might be getting a little jealous in the back or just the writers and bookers being worried about that. But more all I think most of the time it comes down to the companies being afraid of turning away from their money makers. With the WWE you see it with Cena with TNA you got Hardy, but I'll TNA credit their more willing these days to put a fresh face over in the top (Like Bully Ray) then the WWE is willing to give it to anyone other then Cena right now.
  4. They only signed him to get the internet to shut up. Sad but true.
  5. And the legitimacy of this greatly created thread just went down the shitter with this stupid answer (yes, stupid). Seriously, how did you come up with this? I fail to see ANY sort of "backup" or "argument" behind this except that this is just terrible answer to say the least.
  6. Anyway, I see only 3 options for Joey Ryan to do this Summer:

    - X Division Title scene
    - In a stable with Robbie E & Jesse Gooderz (both of whom also have nothing to do too)
    - TV Title scene

    Bottom line is, TNA (for now) did drop a ball with him, but it can be fixed. Whatever TNA has in plan for him, I hope it's not sitting home. Just let him do something. Anything. He'll make it gold no matter what it is.:joey::joeyryan:
  7. I'd like a fade turn tbh but they're pretty baby heavy currently so that's out. I guess I'll go with a team with Robbie E although I wish we got Joey and Parks together in the ultimate dysfunctional team.
  8. I'd say a X Division scene later on. Can turn some more attention onto the division since his gimmick does catch the eye of everybody who watches the show.
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