Is Torres back?

Discussion in 'Sports' started by Crayo, Dec 8, 2012.

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  1. Scored two in the CL match mid-week, and now has scored twice today in a 2-0 lead at half times with two great goals. Is he back? I really hope so.
  2. Nope, he's done this before lol.
  3. Don't be so pessimistic. :emoji_slight_frown:
  4. Sorry bubz, I'd love Nando back but I can't see it now sadly. He's still quick but has lost that explosion.
  5. He nearly got a hat-trick from an awesome shot. I want him to be back so bad.
  6. Hopefully. Will make the title race a little more interesting.
  7. I still don't give Chelsea a chance even with an on form Torres, they have a tiny squad. I just want to see him back for his sake, he was one of the best in the world at one point - magnificent player. Mata is by far the best of the "magical trio" of Hazard, Oscar and Mata himself. On their day, Chelsea are the only team playing great football for certain periods, but they're equally as inconsistent as the rest.
  8. Honestly can't see them catching the Manchester teams even with Nando, they won't drop enough points for me.
  9. He is back yaaaaay :gusta:
  10. Torres sucks. Go RVP.
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