Is Tyson Kid the most underrated superstar in WWE?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Baraa, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Tyson Kid is an awesome talent who proves everytime he steps in the ring that he has a great potential, yet he doesn't get what he deserves......:sad:

    He definitely deserves to get a push, at least they can give him the US title as I'm sure he deserves it more than that fluke Santino.....

    What do you guys think about Tyson?
  2. Santino is a great wrestler as well, but it's just that his gimmick and limited move set is shit. Of course Tyson deserves a singles push, he is a great wrestler. At least by now he could be a Intercontinental champion, but they don't use him for whatever reason.
  3. Yes, for sure. He's not the best on the stick, but he's decent, given his ring work he should be in a much better position than he is now.
  4. He's got a bit of a poor deal atm used when needed and just buggered off when not.
  5. Yes. Not just WWE, one of the most overrated wrestlers on the planet. He's a fantastic talent.
  6. Bolded and underlined Crayo's fail!

    UNDERRATED surely?
  7. :shock:
  8. Oops, meant underrated. Don't kill me :((!!!
  9. LOL :lol1:
  10. :pity:
  11. Yes. He sure is underrated..

    He doesn't really have a gimmick imo, maybe that's the situation. When he was with the Hart Dynasty, he was some sort of ''family member'' thingy, which gave him a name. That faded away when they disbanded.

    Santino is a great wrestler, the funny gimmick is the thing what bothers people. Santino is pretty underrated as well.
  12. He's definetly underrated !
    Fully agree. It seems the only time WWE drag Tyson out is if there's a ladder in the match.
    He should be be US champion ! No Doubt

    WWE LOGIC :finger:
  13. Tyson Kidd is a good star and I feel that they have done so much damage to the guy. Since his break out from DH Smith and Natalya. This dude has been used badly in the main shows. I have seen his work in real life on NXT. This man may not be the best on the mic, but he is a good star. He deserves better then what he is getting.
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