Is Vickie even a good manager?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Snowman, Sep 4, 2012.

  1. All she's doing for Dolph is yelling incessantly and screaming his name. In a promo segment, she seems to really take away from Dolph's awesomeness with her shrieking (in the one with AJ she was fine, didn't shriek but got a lot of heat), doesn't do anything to advance his career or help him win...

    We love to talk about sticking Vickie with a guy that needs him, but what advantage would someone like Vickie give a Swagger or a Mcintyre?
  2. All she's good for is picking up heat. She's not a good manager.
  3. Shit is scripted, so no. She doesnt help him get matches, gain title chances, or anything worthwhile. Fuck vickie, give her over to a new stable of people who job, then :gtfo: vickie.
  4. That's the thing, for Dolph, there's no use. He doesn't need heat and she draws attention away from him. For a heel low carder who the crowd doesn't care for she'd be helpful, but for Ziggler, no. :gtfo:
  5. Of course she is, if we're talking real life and not kayfabe. She has already helped advance his career, she's a heat magnet and anyone associated with her gets heat. Just now he doesn't need her anymore and they're delaying the inevitable split. But in general, she's the best manager in WWE. You can put a no-heat heel with Vickie and he will get heat.
  6. Ala Sensational Sherri with HBK..

    Ziggler is going to be the next one to break through
  7. Vickie is a good manager.
  8. I thought that I was the only one thinking this.. Guess I wasn't.
  9. She gets the crowd to boo, but WWE thinks those boos will translate into the superstar she's managing, but they don't. Example of that are the constant Ziggler chants regardless if Vickie is his manager.
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