is vickie guerro the best heel on the current roster?

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  1. imo she is as she got the loudest boos more consistantly everyone hated her by both smarks and marks whereas guys like cm punk although a lot more interesting than vickie still gets cheered by the crowd just my opinion though what do yous think?
  2. Isn't she sort of a face now
  3. yes i mean whilst she was heel
  4. Best heel? Certainly not. People just boo'd her because her voice is fucking annoying.
  5. Nope. It's just a popular thing to do now (to boo her whenever she talks). The best heel on the roster is CM Punk for sure.

    Inb4CMPunkMarks bla bla bla. He is -- in my opinion -- by far the greatest heel mic worker there is in WWE.
  6. The unquestioned GOAT heel over the past few years in WWE:

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  7. You damn right! Where the hell is that guy?

    (Unless Cena counts, people mark when that guy loses so it's good heat)
  8. Well, she gets massive heat, for sure. No question there. But she's not the best heel.
  9. Cena never loses :true:
  11. CM punk is the best heel in the WWE today, Vickie gets boos because she is annoying as hell and not because she is the perfect heel.
  12. AW: is vickie guerro the best heel on the current roster?

    I hope she will be replaced as GM (or whatever her title is) soon, good as a manager of a wrestler though.

    Same goes for Booker T, who is supposed to be a face GM, but has decided so unfair in favor of faces, that it really annoys me...
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