Is Vince finally punishing Darren for coming out as gay?

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  1. Is Vince finally punishing Darren for coming out as gay? prime time players were hot and were so near to getting the tag titles then Darren came out as gay they got a slight push but then suddenly they were no longer in the spotlight and now Titus has turned on Darren is this Vince's revenge? I really think it is and he hates the fact he has a gay wrestler in the company look at how he treated Orlando Jordan then released him
  2. PTP got pushed AFTER he came out. They jobbed until then
  3. Do you choose to be this stupid or does it come naturally?
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  4. Pat Patterson is a very close friend of McMahon's and in fact was like a brother to him at one time. And Patterson has been openly gay since the 70's.

    To answer your ill-fated, retarded thread: no, he isn't punishing Darren for being gay.
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  5. Yeah no.
  6. Let me break the trend here and say, Yes. He's being punished because he's gay and rightly so........:lol1:

    Sorry, couldn't keep the straight face. No, of course he's not being punished for being gay. The team's breaking up because they think the PTP's run its course. Darren's a "good hand", particularly when it comes to the tag team division, a lot like Christian was considered for many years. This is a judgment based on skill level in the ring, not sexual orientation. He'll have a job in WWE for as long as he wants one, most likely.

    As for Vince firing Orlando Jordan for his homosexuality, seriously? Jordan was a terrible wrestler and a danger to others he was in the ring with. The fact that he's bisexual really didn't play into the decision at all.

  7. Really he hates homosexuals? sure i think if you are gay keep to yourself but thats just me but 3 letters are the simple answer to that, HBK, the guy wore ass-less skin tight zebra print tights with heart all over it, he wore earing to the ring, he twerked on a daily bases, wore jackets only whores wore to the ring, long hair with bangs cut.

    If you ask anyone and show them a pic of Darren and a pic of the 90s and early 2000s HBK they would say that HBK was gay.

    HBK agreed to have his face shoved in Vinny's ass for god sake!
  8. The way this thread is titled sounds like BLFFL is supporting Darren getting punished for being homosexual.
  9. His son in law is supposedly bi so I don't see why he'd punish Darren for liking the dong
  10. Trips is bi? :troll:
  11. One of the key points when you can notice "insecure triple H" be born is during the king of the ring 98 final between Shamrock and Rock. Trips is on commentary and rambles on about the two. JR for some reasons asks Triple H if he's bi-lingual. To which Triple H seemingly without thinking says "I'm bi a lot of things but lingual isn't one of them". and you then see it dawning on him what he said and he spends the rest of the match basically going "I'm not gay, I'm macho as fuck". And this had no real context to anything in story going on at the time. And after this they started pushing him more as a bad ass after, rumored so on his behest to build a macho image
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  12. He actually said that? Not hard to believe. Gotta look that up.
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  13. I lol'd when I read the name of this thread.
  14. Yea, "punishing". Because homos get punished for being gay every day, right? Fuck you BLFFL.
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  15. In ye olden times they did. But yeah, Piss off BLFFL.
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  17. Whew, never seen one person get this many buckets of Kentucky Fried Hate
  18. lol That's just ridiculous. I don't recall the tone that HHH used when he said it, but he was right in the midst of doing the whole DX thing at the time and his whole gimmick was being a jokester on a constant basis. I mean, this is the guy who rode a tank up to WCW's doorstep 'declaring war' on them and who later "pissed" on the crowd by spraying a huge water gun at them that he pretended was his large penis. I think he must have been obviously ribbing when he said that on commentary.
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  19. I love how she put "Finally." as if she was expecting WWE to do something about it.

    It doesn't matter if you're gay/straight/bi/a pizza lover. I doubt WWE would put that much time to release such hate on someone. -.-
  20. WWE doesn't care there just the corporate Google of Wrestling, they punish their fans with mind numbing, grueling to watch and all round horrible product, they should have a day time tv slot it will make more sense
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