Is WWE intentionally depriving us of Ziggler?

Discussion in 'SmackDown' started by Dolph'sZiggler, Aug 3, 2013.

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  1. That is the only conclusion I can draw. I can somewhat understand his lacking segments on Raw, but why is Smackdown not centered around this beautifully charismatic man? One backstage segment watching bIg E's shitty match is all we get? fuck that man.

    My only thing is they know Ziggler is a super hot commodity and they are going by the 'less is more' principle to leave us wanting more of the guy as opposed to overexposing him.

    We will find out at Summerslam, because I'm now 75% sure Big E is going over in that match, which will let us all know what i fear. WWE isn't nearly as into Ziggler as we all are.
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  2. Hard to see Langston losing cleanly after being booked so strongly since his debut, but I also find it hard to see a hot Dolph losing. One of the unlikely matches I find this intriguing.

  3. Easiest scenario is for dipshit AJ to get involved ONE LAST TIME *ugh* to inadvertently cost Big e the match when trying to help. this gives Ziggler the win and Big E can still look strong in defeat + Dump AJ and turn face (meaning we don't need more of Ziggler vs Langston *yay*)
  4. I don't want this thread to just become about Big E vs Ziggler though. Why the fuck don't they give this guy more airtime? I'm past the point of expecting promos or mic time, but they can't even give him a fucking match on SD? U WOT M8?!
  5. Yeah, I really don't understand why they're doing this. Maybe they just don't have a clue.
  6. They're just publicly trolling us. WWE has issues where once a superstar is hot, they like to take the piss and do absolutely nothing. Dolph Ziggler should be the main focus point on SmackDown.
  7. On paper this looks fantastic. Adds some closure to the AJ angle + Big E turns like he should + Dolph wins a match, but it would give me the sick-ish feeling of a Dolph/Big E face tag team for the forseeable future... Actually would be okay with that (only if Henry re-enters the WHC scene) since they need a face tag team and these guys could actually be funny together.

    OP: They found the winning(?) formula. The more they deprive us of Ziggler, the more the fans get pissed that he's not featured on the show, the more over he gets.
    Don't drag this out WWE. If they turn Dolph into Kofi 2.0 Vince can go... never mind.
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    Yeah, they treat hot talent so bad. Look at Daniel Bryan for example, he's doing absolutely nothing! Why can't they put him in a match against John Cena for the WWE Championship at Summerslam or something? Ugh, so much potential wasted.
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  9. You can cherrypick arguments from either side of the point Saylor made. WWE definitely was trolling crowds with Ryder back when he was first getting over with smarks in 2011 or whenever it was
  10. But look how that in the end turned out.

    After the burial he went back to twitter complaining how he wasn't on TV. Instead of the fans continuing to back him and get him back on TV they did a complete 180 and absolutely shat on him. Going from "push this guy to the main event" to "release this whiny bitch" in just a few months. He was a fad that us fans didn't wholeheartedly support, unlike Daniel Bryan.

    This is why I think they are pretty unpredictable when pushing hot talent, they don't want to push wrestlers who are fads only for them to fizzle down and their "investment" in them go down the toilet, they want long lasting stars. This is why I don't think Daniel Bryan was skyrocketed to the top completely after the YES chants started occurring, they wanted to see how it panned out before continuing on to what they're doing with him now.

    (just so you know I don't think Ziggler is a fad at all, and I don't think what they're doing to him right now is the equivalent of Ryders burial at all.)
  11. Zack Ryder is a prime example of WWE trolling us and ruining such a good buzz he had. Why don't you talk about the negatives and positives? You're only looking at the good thing they've recently done, why don't you talk about someone like Zack Ryder? Do you admit they trolled us with him? If so, why are you here posting sarcastic posts?
  12. Antonio has been at a decent run, they gave him a good mouthpiece and he had a great match with Daniel Bryan.

    Bryan is being pushed onto the main event.

    Ziggler is in a feud with a big chocolate black man instead of in the world title scene.

    Shield went over multiple faces and big names, but are now lost in the shuffle.

    Wyatt family are in a feud with a big name since they're debut.

    AJ has been booked great during her Diva's title reign.

    Axel has been aligned with Heyman and had one of the most tearjerking moments for many fans when he won the IC title.

    Damien Sandow won the money in the bank, and is being used to help solidify Cody Rhodes as a face, and possibly in the WHC picture.

    We can all choose to ignore the good sides, or the bad sides of WWE. In the end, it isn't as bad as most people make seem, because every superstar can't make it to the main event picture.

    As for Ziggler, I agree he should be back in the WHC picture after he's done with Big E. I don't see why WWE doesn't push him back, but maybe they're using this feud just to help make him and Big E a face, by using AJ. If AJ does interfere, I can see them using Ziggler away from them now on, and on his own, back in the WHC title scene since there isn't much people there now.
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  13. Well, actually, I made a post talking about him right above yours.

    I didn't because, ironically, I was making a case on the positives because you only commented on the negatives. :emoji_wink:
  14. I'm also fairly sure E is going to beat Ziggler as well. I'm not exactly sure why they are doing him so dirty, but it's one of the things that's been bugging lately about the product. He is so obviously gifted and it's sort of mind boggling to me that he isn't being utilized to his fullest capabilities.
  15. I agree and that's probably because they don't want Ziggler and Bryan's push to be simultaneous.
  16. I think they are just fucking stupid with keeping Ziggler from us.
  17. WWE really wants people to not give a fuck about Ziggler. A fucking Miz TV segment on SD?

    fuck this company
  18. I'm quite optimistic about Ziggler's future given the recent improvements to him and his booking over the past couple of months:

    -They responded to his positive reactions from the crowd by turning him face
    -They didn't butcher his character by making drastic changes to his persona or anything. He's still "The Show-Off", which has led to people on other forums to wonder why he's being cheered when he's acting like a douche. But that was his character before and it's his character now.
    -He's actually winning matches instead of jobbing to virtually every person on the roster. His loss to Big E Langston on Raw doesn't count as a pointless job since it builds to the Summerslam match.
    -He's actually gotten mic time compared to before. I expect more of this in the near future.

    He isn't plastered all over Smackdown but he's not in the WHC feud so I don't expect him to be. He's in a mid card feud so he's getting mid card air time. Hopefully when it's over, he can re-enter the WHC picture. I personally like that they're breaking him apart from Big E and AJ before letting him win the WHC again, it makes for a more interesting angle where when Ziggler finally wins the big one again, it only occurs after so many trials and tribulations - winning the title but then nearly having to forfeit it because of an concussion, Del Rio nearly ending his career by zoning in on his injury, his girlfriend costing him the belt twice and then outright betraying him by instructing his former body guard Langston attack him, etc. It makes his win more of a feel good moment IMO.
  19. Lockard are you genuinely enjoying Langston/ziggler/AJ/kaitlin's storyline? it is a fucking drag
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