Is WWE RAW taped next week?

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Jul 24, 2013.

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  1. Just saw one line of spoilers for next week... I didn't even know it was taped. Where's it taped from and stuff?
  2. It probably isn't taped unless they are over seas next week. You sure you didn't read a rumor or a bs Meltzer prediction?
  3. It was taped yesterday. Australian tour
  4. It was taped last night as they're on an Australian tour next week.
  5. They're in Texas, by the way. Last night the show was taped in Laredo for next week's Raw. Tonight and tomorrow in other Texas cities they're taping the next two episodes of SmackDown, as well, since they're going to be overseas in Africa while much of the Raw roster is in Australia and China.
  6. As I said in the Raw discussion thread WWE are taping Raw, Smackdown episodes this week as there going overseas so they wont be in the states for a while

  7. Nobody listens to you. Especially when you state the information incorrectly. Twice.
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  8. No what you said was that this Monday's Raw was taped, which it was not. It was quite live
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  9. Got my answer. Thanks.