Is WWE relying on the past?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by Cloud, Jan 29, 2013.

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  1. Just a thought I'm not against guys returning etc but with Jericho, Brock, Rock all returned and Rock being WWE champ are they relying on these guys to get pops and draw in fans a bit too much?

    I kno a lot of younger talent has come through but I wondered all ur thoughts?
  2. :yes:

    But really, people don't watch for Barret or Ryback, they watch for Jericho and Rock.

    And Cena :troll:
  3. To be honest, you can't blame the WWE much. The current roster rarely shows that they want to get anywhere in the business. They are glad that they appear on TV, and that's basically it. The only guys to actually improve and work their ass off are: CM Punk, John Cena and Dolph Ziggler. The rest are just there to be on TV and get the pay check.
  4. Just a phase they're going through. And quite frankly I don't think they have much of a choice. Current talent is pretty :meh: Hopefully, WWE gets it's stars up soon. The Shield is very big and they're young.
  5. I watch for the new talent more so than the old though sometimes I wish ppl like Show and Kane to name two would retire and I wish the returns were slightly less.
  6. It seems like it. They are starting to build a little more talent though with The Shield, Barrett, and Cesaro, but at the same time they're bringing in all these other guys from the past, so it's hard to build up talent since most of these guys push down new talent. Although when they interact with other wrestlers(like The Rock with The Shield) it also does make them look better as well, but when you have Rock go over Punk it's just pushing down again. They do rely to much on the past, sometimes it can be good, sometimes it can be bad, it's how they use the guys that count. WWE needs to build up more then just Cena though, because Rock. Brock, Undertaker, and Jericho won't be around forever.
  7. See I think Cena winning the RR is one reason i thought this as he should be helping others get over now imo so we have future Rocks, Brocks and Jerichos.
  8. Cena should have started putting people over a couple of years ago. He's already past his peak, he needs to help build up the new talent, not hold them back or win world championships.
  9. Yeah, but this isn't exactly a new or rare complaint. This has been apparent for quite some time. But you can't blame WWE, it increases business and draws more attention to the product. It's just a shame the WWE hasn't exactly been stellar as of late when it comes to building up new stars (look at Ryback.) If they were, then they would have the perfect guy to go over people like Rock or Brock and create an even bigger star in the process. Instead, we get Cena scoring the big victory over Rock (even after losing himself) or Cena and Triple H getting the big win over Brock since people wouldn't buy almost anyone else going over these guys yet.
  10. I actually watch Wade Barrett and enjoy his matches. His new gimmick is likable in my opinion, and he plays it well. Ryback is a bit of a Goldberg clone, who lost his impact after all the loses he had.
  11. It's all about making money during RTWM and having huge buy rates for WM. they know they're going to sell more PPVs by having the former UFC heavyweight champion and a movie star on their PPV over a reality TV guy and an Irish stereotype.
  12. Well that's just comparing them to shitty current stars. I think Rock/Punk and Brock/Ryback wouldn't be too bad personally. Or even Brock/Cena (even though they wasted that match). Having Rock/Cena twice and Brock/HHH twice is just pathetic in my honest opipnion.
  13. Fair enough, but it still requires the former stars to create buys. Think if they had to make Punk/Ryback or Punk/Sheamus as the WM main event. I doubt they would be pleased with the results.
  14. True, but that's because they haven't put any effort into it. In the past there were so many instances of stars "passing the torch", WWE have completely ignored that philosophy now and create "dream matches" to squeeze as much money out of PPV's as possible.

    They need to create these new stars with logical booking, memorable moments, unique characters and having them go over big stars like Cena, Taker, HHH, Brock and The Rock whilst they can still use them whenever they want.
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  15. Agreed, but we both know it looks like that's not happening any time soon. So everyone should get used to these "part timers" this time of year for the foreseeable future.
  16. I don't blame the WWE as if it gets them the money then sure as everyone with a business mind would do so.
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  17. Talent seems to be not good enough yet to fully be in the ME without legends..

    Just a matter of time.
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  18. They always rely on the past. They suck at making new stars and when they do, it's someone we don't give a fuck about like Ryback.
    Plus their shitty storylines don't help either.
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  19. Don't speak for everyone. I for once like the Ryback stuff. It reminds me the Goldberg days of wCw, but the problem is that he was pushed too fast, and because of Cena's injury he got to the title scene way too fast (which I for once believe was a dumb move, they could've used someone like Kane).
  20. Meant some of us.
    Ryback is fucking boring.
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