Is Xaivor Woods going to turn on The New Day?

Discussion in 'General WWE' started by C.M. Shaddix, Jun 28, 2016.

  1. I noticed this on the first promo these 2 groups had and now it is becoming more likely. We could be looking at the end of the New Day. Bray is now teasing Woods and trying to get him to turn on Kingston and E. So do you guys think The New Day will be dead soon? And more crazily... Is it possible Xavior will JOIN the Wyatt Family? He can do it... He just has to grow a beard lol.

    I don't know why I just see this in the future
  2. I think they're leaning towards that angle which I think is a great way to create the downfall for new day.

    I wanna see the wyatts actually be on top.
  3. It's definitely a possibility.

    Their first interaction on last week's RAW where Woods seemed mesmerized by Bray and then 'snapped' out of it seemed like an indication he could be the reason that The New Day falls soon.
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  4. Who's Xavior? Never heard of him.

    Feel like it'll be like Daniel Bryan, where he'll join the family for a couple of weeks. But instead of him breaking the spell, have Big E and Kofi do it. Them breaking up New Day for good would be horrible.
  5. Hopefully it happens soon.. Tired of these 3 clowns shaking their ass all the time, making childish jokes and pretty much wasting time on RAW.. It's not funny, it's never been funny.. Just end this awkward group already.
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  6. The New Day had its run and I feel like they've gotten everything out of that group.

    Break them up, make a story, any story, I don't care at this point. Anything is better than watching the same act month after month.
  7. I know this dude's a troll but he says a lot of stuff I agree with lol.
  8. I'm only a troll half the time.. I was being honest in that post... If i was 5 year's old, i would probably like the New Day.
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  9. It seems like that is what WWE is building too, but that is a pretty bad idea. They're still really over, and have a lot more steam left. Some people don't like them, but they insert a level of energy into almost always dead crowds. They also make a lot of money for the WWE, they've been running out of merch for months now because they're selling out. They outsold Reigns, Ambrose, Lesnar and even Austin at WrestleMania 32, and that's a big accomplishment. They're all really good wrestlers too, and they are clearly having fun and have a great chemistry. The material they use is up for it's own debate, but they are doing what wrestlers are mean't to do for their promotion, and that's sell.

    As for what I think about them splitting, I think it would be a cool sight to see, but for a very short while. New Day and Kidd & Cesaro are the only teams in recent memory that weren't paired together in the hopes of splitting them up. They entertain me, but they can be cringey. Personally would never buy a unicorn horn or an empty box of Cereal, but I still think they should stay together. They have more than enough steam and if they're presented with a good challenge, and continue to creatively energize crowds, then they should be able to stay together for at least another year.
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  10. I don't wanna see New Day break up this soon or in this fashion. Hopefully it's a D-Bry thing where Xaiver joins them but turns on them within a few weeks. The New Day are still over and breaking them up for the brand split would be a huge mistake, IMO.
  11. I think it'd be clever if Xavier went undercover for the New Day and pulled a double turn on the Wyatts for an ultimate Got em moment
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  12. That'd be such a mark-out moment, but unfortunately, I think we're not going to get it. #NewDayFalls :emoji_slight_frown:
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  13. Agreed. I'm hoping once the Cruiserweight classic is over and if they move a cruiserweight championship to WWE than they'll give Woods a run with it.
  14. I saw that too, and was thinking the same. .. please let this be the end of the new day! I just can't stand their lame act.

    Then I realized... if they were to add Apollo crews into the team that'd be a sure way to get him over (idk how but it just seems like it would work). Not that it would make me any more interested. But to the fans of them it would probably work, and be something for him to do for a while.

    8 yr old nephew even hates the new day.
  15. Oh he's definitely turning and New Day lose the titles just so they can ship Woods off to Smackdown I bet. Instead of New Day taking 3 people and being on one roster, it'll be Big E and Kofi on Raw as tag while Woods goes smackdown with cruiserweight maybe? That's the way I see it going down.

    Or they go the whole spike dudley & dudley boys thing. Wasn't there a time when they were in different shows while still remaining as Dudley Boyz?
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