Israel attacks Syria with jets and ground-to-ground missiles, claims Syrian army


Alien Princess
Israel has launched an attack using jets and ground-to-ground missiles on several military outposts near the Syrian capital of Damascus, Syria’s army said on Tuesday.

Benjamin Netanyahu, the Israeli prime minister, refused to confirm or deny the bombardment but issued an unusually defiant statement when asked by reporters, declaring Israel would see through its policy of preventing Hezbollah from arming itself in Lebanon “with action”.

Bashar al-Assad’s forces said Israeli jets fired missiles at the al-Qutayfah area near Damascusfrom inside Lebanese airspace, according to a statement reported by state media. Returning fire, the Syrian army said it hit an Israeli aircraft.

Israel then fired ground-to-ground rockets from the Israeli-occupied Golan Heights, but Syrian defences brought the missiles down before they reached their targets, the Syrian army claimed.

Read full article here here - Israel attacks Syria, claims Syrian army

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