Israel is Racist

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  1. Today there was a bus accident in Jordan (country in the middle east). 14 people died from their injuries.

    So, there was a huge news coverage about it all over facebook (since most of the news networks made pages for themselves). Many people started to say shit like: "YES! They deserve it! All those terrorist scum!"

    My main issue with it, is that those who died were normal people, just like us.The Bible, that is so important to the Jewish people has a rule: "Love the other, as yourself". But none in Israel keep that word, and yet they claim to be the "REAL Jews".

    It's funny that whenever a Jewish person dies, and Arabic people jump the bandwagon of insulting that person, Jewish people claim: "That is a racism! You are being a antisemitic!". But the same damn people would later say shit like: "Death to all the Arabs and Muslims!"

    It's just pathetic...

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  2. So true, Anna. R.I.P. those who died in that accident.
  4. RIP to those involved, and apologies you have to read such offensive material. To the topic in hand, every country is racist. I think society is actually taking a step back in the fight against racism. It's slowly increasing again and it's becoming an epidemic to be honest. It's hard to say what factors have contributed to it, but lack of real punishment has to be one.

    It's disgusting and it has to be eradicated.
  5. R.I.P. WF sends their regards to the people that died.

    Now, Racism is bad, but the other part can be bad too. I can explain what I mean by writing something long and boring, or I can post this:


    This is what I'm talking about.

    Sometimes, people that aren't white get special treatment, and that too is Racism.
    Tons of more qualified people lose their jobs to less qualified, colour people.
    So that the company doesn't look racist.
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  6. Arianna, You didn't post anything,lol.:lol1:
  7. So much respect for you Anna, I'm from Jordan and I can't say just how happy I'm to see a Jewish person who respects the Arabian and Islamic world.
    Many people needs to grow up, they need to know that whatever our religion or countries are, we are still humans, we still share the same planet, and in order to live with each other in peace we need to respect each other.

    People should understand that generalizing is wrong, if an Isreali person is doing something wrong, that doesn't mean that the whole Jewish community is wrong and bad.

    If a Christian murders a child or something, that doesn't mean that Christianity is a terrible religion that orders it's followers to kill children, so single person actions shouldn't always be connected with his religious views.

    The same goes for guys like Osama Bin Ladin, whose terrible actions only represent himself, even if he said he is doing them "in the name of Islam", most of the Muslims were total against his pathetic actions, hell many Islamic countries were after him because of terrorist actions, especially that he had many terrorist attacks against Muslims themselves, and the bad thing is that many people who live in Europe and US still don't get that the man was a maniac and the Islamic countries themselves wanted to catch him even more than US.

    Many Muslims are now suffering from racism because of his actions, especially on the internet.
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  8. I meant to put, "This" lol
  9. Yes, yes they are.
    Jews :pity1:

  10. I'm from Palestinian origins btw, my relatives and friends there suffer a lot.
  11. Sorry to hear that man :downer:
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  12. Ahh, Okay. :emoji_slight_smile:
  13. How did I not see this shit...

    Short of having a debate with someone who clearly doesn't know her history, if anyone would like a real conversation about this based on facts and truth, please PM me =)
  14. So much irony in the thread title lol.

    It's pathetic how little coverage this is getting compared to the Boston one over here; just because it isn't in America doesn't make it any less tragic.
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  15. Blame the internet for focusing 99.9% of the time on what goes on in America.
  16. Actually the internet is more focused on the other deaths, it's the news people and whatnot focusing more on American deaths.
  17. Much respect my brother. :testify:
  18. What is getting little coverage? This bus accident from a month ago in the middle east? 14 lives in the middle east from a month ago is hard to keep up with considering all the shit going down in that region of the world daily.
  19. Agreed.
  20. This pic is so damn true, we're all racist and the rest of the world that talk about they're the best kind of people in the world and then we say white people rocks and we are racists... Fuck the world and fuck terrorism
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