News Israeli military starts ground operation in Gaza

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  1. Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu has ordered the military to start a ground operation in Gaza, his office has announced.

    "The prime minister and defence minister have instructed the IDF to begin a ground operation tonight in order to hit the terror tunnels from Gaza into Israel," the statement said as cited by Reuters.

    A large IDF force has launched a new phase of Operation Protective Edge starting a ground operation in the Gaza Strip, IDF spokesperson has confirmed.

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    According to the statement, IDF goal is to target Hamas tunnels “enable terrorists to infiltrate Israel and carry out attacks.”

    BREAKING NEWS: A large IDF force has just launched a ground operation in the Gaza Strip. A new phase of Operation Protective Edge has begun.

    — IDF (@IDFSpokesperson) July 17, 2014

    Witnesses and Gaza residents reported heavy artillery and naval shelling along the Gaza border.

    WATCH LIVE feed of Gaza skyline

    Ohhhhh it's getting good now. #ENDTIMES
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