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NXT closed their first live hour on USA Network with a championship match pitting one of their most popular wrestlers & best characters, Velveteen Dream, against a member of their most popular faction & best wrestlers, Undisputed ERA’s Roderick Strong.

Challenger Strong entered without his teammates, as he tried to add more gold to Adam Cole’s NXT title and Bobby Fish & Kyle O’Reilly’s Tag Team belts. Roddy wasn’t phased by Dream’s usual theatrical entrance, which isn’t surprising seeing as they’ve been circling each other for months, and were [SUP]2[/SUP]⁄[SUB]3[/SUB] of a Triple Threat at TakeOver: Toronto last month that Velveteen won by pinning Pete Dunne. Stong went for takedowns at the bell, and the story was largely about whether his technical acumen & array of maneuvers would be too much for the champ...

...or if Dream’s raw talent & big moves would allow him to pull out another big win.

Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to watch the @VelveteenWWE.

— TDE Wrestling (@tde_wrestling) September 19, 2019
As the heel, Roddy controlled much of the action, giving Velveteen opportunities to persevere and mount flashy comebacks. One particular impressive kickout came after Dream was tied up in the ropes for a series of running forearms, followed by a backbreaker and a tiger bomb. Strong moved from that into a submission, but the champ made the ropes.

Then Undisputed showed up. The trio didn’t do anything, but their presence drew his attention. It allowed Roddy to throw him into the referee, and while he was down, Dream cleaned house. But of course, the numbers got to him just as the official came to. Velveteen kicked out of Strong’s finisher, however...

...and looked like he might keep his title after he climbed for a Purple Rainmaker after a second Dream Valley Driver, but while KOR & Fish distracted the ref, Cole superkicked him into another End of Heartache.

As Mauro Ranallo screamed “NOT LIKE THIS!” the ERA fulfilled their leader’s prophecy.

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