It Begins Promo Discussion *Updated*

Discussion in 'RAW' started by Crayo, Dec 18, 2011.

  1. 1st Promo:

    2nd Promo:

    3rd Promo:

    4th Promo:

    5th Promo:


    Will continue to update these as a new one comes out every week.

    The major rumours is that this return will be for Chris Jericho, though no one is completely sure. It could be Shane & Stephanie McMahon wanting to take back control of the WWE. It could be yet another Undertaker return, as he always seems to come back before Wrestlemania.

    What we do know is, these Youtube links are showing up when the "Twitter Bar" (WWE has a twitter bar that shows you who is trending related to WWE, it's down the bottom left when Monday Night RAW is airing live) and it gets "hacked" and links you to the YouTube user, where there's 1 video and you watch it. All of them on different accounts, very mysterious stuff. One of the greatest mysterious promo's they've ever done.

    The video links I've posted aren't all the originals, only the first 1 is I think.
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    I'm pretty sure it will be Jericho as the videos seem so unlike him it is him especially after reading that he want to reinvent himself again.
    A possible long shot could be Jeff Hardy with the girl being Dixie Carter and allowing him to return. Possibly even a TNA invasion of WWE in the same vein of the ECW invasion in 1997. He could even use the Anti Christ Gimmick mixed in with his current redemption storyline. As if he wants to thank TNA for giving him the one more shot by destroying the competition. I've probably read too much into it but it does have a slight possibility. Plus Jeff signed in January so his contract could expire in January I don't know how long he's signed for.
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    Highly doubt it. For that to happen (I'd LOVE it if it did) Vince would have to have bought TNA, and we'd know if he has done by now. Especially as it's owned by people that hate him, lol. WWE wouldn't want Hardy, from what I've heard, he's been given chance after chance at TNA after drugs problems. I;m convinced it's either Jericho working with Steph or Steph & Shane. Some say it's McCool and Undertaker returning together.
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    I think it's Chris Jericho!
    Y = Year
    J = January
    2 = Second

    And also I think he will feud with CM Punk because Punk is using the best in the world gimmick which Jericho used to he might comeback to claim the best in the world title.
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    @IAmJericho vs. @CMPunk for wrestlemania, would steal the show from @TheRock and john cena
    17 Dec
    in reply to ?
    Chris Jericho
    @IAmJericho Chris Jericho
    @SLuBMan It ain't happening dummy! Get over it

    Dont have any cos i dont care. @sameoldshit RT @CenaFanForLife @IAmJericho What are your opiniuns about New Masked Kane return to WWE ??

    It probably is Jericho he's trolling too hard for it now to be him imo.
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    Yeah quite a lot of people picked up on that, I'm ashamed to say I didn't at first. Back to claim what is his, it could definitely be that best in the world gimmick that CM Punk has undertook, and which Jericho made famous.

    That's what I thought. His trolling on Twitter literally makes me think it's him more often, but it's hard because the girl is so involved in these promos now. The only explanation I could see is Steph bringing him back or something...

    Maybe Johnny Ace keeps texting Steph to bring back a Superstar to take the title off Punk (since he and Punk hate each other). Can't think of any other way.
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    I've been thinking of the Stephanie thing actually maybe she comes back with Shane to reclaim the WWE for the Mcmahon family. HHH is still the COO keyfabe wise isn't he?
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    That's what I thought at first, but I heard Shane doesn't want anything to do with the WWE anymore, and is on his way to becoming huge in China or something. Maybe if his business failed over there he might of come back for January, who knows, I wouldn't complain though.

    HHH is still the COO kayfabe wise yeah, think he is outside of kayfabe now isn't he? I know he's the next man who takes charge after Vince (with steph ofc). He's always backstage and runs the shows if Vince isn't there, so I'm presuming he is.
  9. 5th Promo has been posted. Interesting.
  10. Propheltless so it's not someone who's going to save us ? Still sounds like Jericho doing a complete 180 on his save us return in 2007.
  11. I'm convinced more than ever it's Jericho.

    This makes a ton of sense if its Jericho-boy and Punk-girl

    List of video analysis in order:

    1) Boy is working, no sign of the girl. Jericho was working in the WWE way before Punk was even around.
    2) Boy is still working girl shows up. Jericho is still doing his think, but then Punk starts to come along.
    3) Girl starts to copy boy, boy gets in trouble. Punk starts copying Jericho (at least in Jerichos mind). Why Jericho is in trouble, not sure...
    4) Girl copies boy, boy tries to get away to stay out of trouble. Punk (among others per Jericho) is still copying Jericho, jericho leaves the WWE. Jericho has mentioned many times that he left because people were all copying and turning into him.
    5) Boy gets in trouble, "cant help you anymore". Girl gets angry and throws his book off the table. Jericho is essentially saying that you have gotten to this point by copying me, there is nothing left for me to teach you. Time to brawl?

    Boy is Jericho, girl is Punk.

    That's one theory.
  12. 2nd January 2012

    Okay so the one person we are all rooting for and guessing is of course Jericho but what if it isn't? who else could it be Undertaker? well he had those promo's last year it's to obvious for it to be Undertaker i mean it could just be me but i sense its not Jericho or Taker what do you guys think?
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    We did have a thread for this but don't worry :emoji_wink:.

    It's highly likely it's Jericho, but like you say what if it's not? Then it's a high possibility it'll be Taker, Skip Sheffield or someone like Clay maybe. But I'm so convinced it's Jericho. The girl is Punk, Jericho is saying to the girl he can't help her anymore (she tries to copy his work, Punk copied Best in the World from him etc). It's defo Chris :emoji_slight_smile:.

    If not though, I'd prefer it to be Skip.
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    ah i thought there would have been my bad :rolleyes: i mean i do want to see Undertaker and Jericho again but i don't know i want to be suprised and taken aback at it the Skip or Ryback rather thing seem's possible due to his tweets over the weekend but maybe he just wanted to have a bit fun ah man idk the Jericho Punk seems the most legit i just dont guess why Punk would be a she? and it says he will return when she tells us thats the only thing that gets me with the Punk/Jericho
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    True, that did throw me off. That's what makes these vignettes so epic, I generally have no idea who it is. Last year I called Undertaker vs HHH instantly, when Sting was the biggest rumour at the time. I just doubt WWE would pull out 5 (or 4) vignettes for the predictable return of Undertaker, knowing they're most likely going to disappoint people now.

    It's Jericho though, I'm sure of it. The latest vignette has so many hints (dirty sheets reported it would). Chris is crossed out on the book. 0.18 in the video is the maple leaf (Canadian home flag) then it disappears. It's just got to be Jericho.

    2nd of January:

    [Y]: Year
    [2]: Second
    [J] January

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    see i also heard that the park is filmed in is some park in winnipeg Jericho's home town tbh i think the only reason i am saying agains it is because it IS Jericho and i am hoping for a suprise also it would be the third time Jericho used some sort of cryptic video to come back its predictable will these hints could be used to throw us off
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    Well he has done it before yes, but I wouldn't say it's predictable, well; not enough for the casuals to not be surprised. Also, Jericho has said if he returns to WWE again he'll have a completely different character. I'm excited for that. Even if it is Jericho, I don't think many "smarks" can say they still won't mark. Because even though we're predicting it now, I'll still be surprised if it is him. Because it's only speculation our discussions now, nothing is fact. Even thinking about Jericho returning with Punk and thinking over those future promos and matches gives me the goosebumps.
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    Yeah i agree it would be amazing and he is the one i would like to see i mean Punk vs Jericho in a best in the world match would one of the greatest on the Card for Wrestlemania i mean we already have Rock vs Cena then Jericho vs Punk and the Taker match those three alone are how would i put it Bonified Slobberknockers
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    Haha epic, repped for that :emoji_slight_smile:.

    I didn't even think of labelling it a best in the world match. I assume if Jericho was to return against Punk, Jericho would be heel. Which means Punk will go over him at Wrestlemania which is fine (I'm a mark for both), and it will proceed to push Punk higher and higher so he can surpass Cena as the face of WWE. As Cena (I feel) will be turning heel at Mania.
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    now not exactly i think there has been a few Face vs Face matches at Mania like Cena vs HBK WM23 and just because Punk will be the Face does not mean he will win :emoji_slight_smile: Orton vs Cena and HHH 24 Orton won Last Year Cody vs Rey again Cody won :emoji_grin: Jericho vs Edge you know so Jericho could still win but saying that it would Kill punks best in the world gimmick